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Hi Randy,

It was a pleasure to speak with you yesterday.

You are a wealth of information!

Most of all I appreciate your friendly, caring manner of speaking to me during this time of many stresses, and questions.

I look forward to speaking to you next week on Wed at 3pm.

Have a wonderful holiday weekend!


Cathy H.
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Dear Dr. Randi:

I can’t thank you enough for guiding me through this traumatic time of my life. You support empowered me when I felt so scared and confused. You are a wealth of knowledge.

I wish you a joyous holiday and a prosperous new year.


S. K.

Santa K.
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Susan Silberstein, PhD

Center for Advancement in Cancer Education

Dear Dr. Silberstein:

Enclosed is a small donation for the Center of Advancement in Cancer Education. My mother, and I have been working with Dr. Randi over the phone for the past several weeks. The experience has been nothing but positive.

We are grateful for the advice, concern, and understanding she has provided during this difficult time. It is refreshing that you are there to help so many people when this type of help is often unavailable or unattainable.

I have used and studied natural medicine, but when it comes to cancer, the natural medicine can be just as confusing, at times, as the pharmaceutical medicine. I really needed and appreciated the help.

I am happy I had the opportunity to meet you years ago. I believe it was at one of the PANLA conferences tha Grace sponsored. These conferences were wonderful as you may recall. Unfortunately, they were discontinued.

My only regret is that I wish I had thought about your organization when my Mom was first diagnosed. Better late than never!

I know my Mom is going...

Christine D.
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Dear Susan,

It was a genuine pleasure and privilege to hear Dr. Bernard Jensen speak last Sunday. What an inspiration he is to all of us.

I was also impressed with the cross-section of people who turned out for the seminar – all so interested in good nutrition and improving our nutritional lifestyles.

You did a terrific job in pulling such a grand event together. You are a “dynamo in action” with such a marvelous spirit. You are an inspiration to all who know you .”

I’m joining Frances on your trip to N.Y. tomorrow (Wed). Where can you go anywhere today for a $22 trip!!!

My last endeavor before I finally try to get some rest is to send you a check for our coming trip to New York on July in the amount of $500! Knowing you have so many places to put it, helped the decision!

Your friend and joyful fundraising coordinator,


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August 7, 2013

Dear Susan and Maria,

It has been one year since I first walked into your office, afraid but anxious to learn all that I could about how to beat my Non-Hodgkin lymphoma. I remember my first call to you, Maria. I was so thankful that I got your warm compassionate voice excited to sign me up for my first consultation with Susan.

At that first emotional meeting with you, Susan, my eyes were truly opened to discover the emotional baggage I was carrying inside since my childhood, as well as your expertise and guidance to a healthier lifestyle and eating habits that completely changed my life.

I put into practice everything you suggested for beating my lymphoma and began to understand why I was a candidate to develop this cancer.

I am thrilled to say that one year later, I am happier, healthier, and feeling 25 years younger. My once golf ball size lump has shrunk well over 60% and I continue to increase my raw foods, do my monthly lymph purge cleanses, and detox through daily exercise and methods I have learned along the way.

The birth of...

Pat S.
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