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One-on-one individualized Cancer Counseling is at the heart of what we do! We would be happy to provide you telephone counseling about your cancer concern. Please call us at 888-551-2223 to schedule an appointment with our Naturopathic Doctor or one of our highly skilled counselors.

We at BeatCancer.Org work on a donation and membership basis and all contributions are tax-deductible. Often patients, their family members or friends do make a contribution, but many are without financial means. Regardless of whether a patient donates, we have never turned anyone away for inability to pay.

NOTE: Counselors on this page are not employed by the center and may charge a fee.

All Counselors

Sheryl Henkin-Kealey, BsEd

Location: USA, Pennsylvania, Waterville

Phone: 570-634-3777


Specialties: Healing Retreats, Holistic Nutrition, Medicinal Aromatherapy, Yoga, Detoxification

Sue Strick

Location: United States, Minnesota, Forest Lake

Phone: 612-209-1141


Specialties: Medical Device Customer Service

Susan Schroeter, RHN, ROHP

Location: Canada, Ontario, Oakville

Phone: 905-464-6366


Specialties: Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Live Blood Cell Analysis, Weight Control

Tami Zamberg

Location: USA, California, Los Angeles

Phone: 714-458-9700


Specialties: Integrative Nutrition, Certified Health Coach

Unita Walburn, CNC

Location: USA, Virginia, Culpeper

Phone: 540-848-4878


Specialties: Certified Nutrition Counselor, Naturopathy, Herbal Therapy, Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Homeopathy

Veronica Rynn, DC, MS

Location: USA, Rhode Island, Newport

Phone: 203-246-6183


Specialties: Chiropractic Physician, Nutrition Consultant

Vorachoat Karunyasopon, DNM, DPC

Location: Thailand, ,

Phone: 092-285-1745


Specialties: Natural Medicine, Pastoral Counseling

Walt Lang, ND, CNHP

Location: USA, Pennsylvania, New Enterprise

Phone: 800-858-3288


Specialties: Nutritional Consultations, Non-Invasive Diagnostic Testing

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