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Avoid Cancer By Avoiding Top 5 Cancer-Causing Foods

2013 - 12 - 27 | Author: Dr. Jacquilen Tomas-Ali, ND

ALL CANCERS begin in your cells, the body’s basic unit of life.You've heard that certain foods have a direct link to cancer and you know you shouldn't eat them. But where do you start??? Here are 5 proven cancer-causing foods that must be avoided!!!


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Cancer Can Be Prevented! Absolutely!

2013 - 12 - 27 | Author: Dr. Jacquilen Tomas-Ali, ND

Here’s how:

Watch Your Weight1. Watch Your Weight

Research has shown that being overweight or obese substantially raises a person's risk of getting endometrial (uterine), breast, prostate, and colorectal cancers....

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YES, You Can REALLY Prevent Cancer With A Plant-Based Diet!!!

2013 - 12 - 23 | Author: Dr. Jacquilen Tomas-Ali, ND

Can you prevent cancer with a cancer prevention diet? Science says....

Plant Based Diet

1. Vegetables (organic; raw or frozen) such as broccoli, spinach, tomatoes, artichokes, dark green leafy vegetables (kale, Swiss chard, collards,...

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How to Prevent Cancer with 5 Cancer-Fighting Foods

2013 - 12 - 20 | Author: Susan Silberstein PhD

Hungry For Health book Hungrier for health book Kitchen Chemotherapy book ...

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BeatCancer.Org Mission:

2013 - 12 - 03 | Author: Susan Silberstein PhD

BeatCancer.Org Mission: To provide research-based education on how to prevent, cope with, and beat cancer through diet, lifestyle and other immune-boosting approaches.

The Center for Advancement in Cancer Education...

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Hungry for Health Recipe: Wild Rice Supreme

2013 - 10 - 08 | Author: BeatCancer.Org

Wild Rice Supreme recipeIngredients:

The End of Compounding Pharmacies?

2013 - 07 - 20 | Author: Susan Silberstein PhD


Drug Companies Plan to Use Compounding Bill to Take Away Your Compounded Medications

If you care about integrative medicine, you should care about stopping SB959!

Action Alert from and the Alliance for Natural...

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The Truth about Agave Nectar

2013 - 07 - 14 | Author: Susan Silberstein PhD

I want to share some truth about agave nectar, called by researcher Rami Nagel “The High Fructose Health Food Fraud.” Historically, I have never been a proponent of sugar consumption (especially when unopposed by high fiber), because that supports the metabolism of cancerous cells. Now, however, I am particularly interested in this topic because agave...

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