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BC-038 Debra Melamed interviews Cherie Calbom - The Juice Lady on the healing benefits of juicing

2017 - 12 - 04 | Author: BeatCancer.Org

Cherie Calbom

Cherie Calbom, M.S. is a leading authority on nutrition, souping, juicing and detoxification. Known as The Juice Lady, George Foreman’s nutritionist, TV chef and celebrity nutritionist, she has helped in pioneering the fresh juice...

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Does Medicare Cover Alternative or Complementary Care for Cancer Patients?

2017 - 12 - 02 | Author: BeatCancer.Org

alternative cancer treatment with cuppingIn general Medicare’s coverage of cancer treatment is pretty thorough. Standard chemotherapy and radiation treatment have been covered for many years. These days we even have...

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Mistletoe—100 Years of Cancer Treatment

2017 - 11 - 30 | Author: BeatCancer.Org

mistletoeWe all know the traditional hanging of the mistletoe to kiss a loved one under on Christmas Day, but mistletoe is more than just a holiday tradition. For 100 years, the plant has been used for...

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How Statins Are Being Used in Combination with Other Drugs for Cancer Treatment

2017 - 11 - 29 | Author: BeatCancer.Org

statinStatins are currently the most-prescribed class of drug. Initially, statins were largely prescribed for the purpose of lowering cholesterol. Since that time, however, it has been found that the drug, when combined with those...

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Cancer as a Metabolic Disease

2017 - 10 - 28 | Author: BeatCancer.Org

Cancer as a Metabolic DiseaseCancer is the second leading causes of death in the United States, claiming nearly 600,000 lives each year, according to the Centers for Disease Control and...

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Clean Eating with Platejoy

2017 - 10 - 26 | Author: BeatCancer.Org

PlatejoyyWhole foods and natural foods are the building blocks to a healthy diet. That’s why we love PlateJoy’s Clean Eating Plan!

PlateJoy is a subscription-based custom meal planning service that offers personalized meal plans that will simplify any...

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The Making of An Integrative Physician

2017 - 10 - 23 | Author: Kathy Mydlach-Bero

email front coverAfter battling two rare and aggressive cancers, my body was dying, and even though I was in remission, the medications kept on coming. With each new drug...

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Clean Out Gut Toxins to Prevent Cancer

2017 - 10 - 17 | Author: Dr. Veronique Desaulniers

Woman forming heart with her handsNo matter how “clean” you live your life, it is inevitable that you are going to be exposed to some form of toxin. Harmful substances, both...

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