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Cancer Counseling

Cancer Counseling

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06-Oct-2016 01:35 PM


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BeatCancer.Org serves adults with cancer and children via legal guardian or caregiver, through education, coaching, counseling, resources, referrals and support, with a particular focus on those who have become emotionally or physically disenfranchised as a result of their treatment. The organization’s Patient Services Program, implemented by a well-trained and knowledgeable staff, offers to the individuals we serve many opportunities to attain high quality of life and sustained wellness through personalized guidance.


04-Jun-2018 11:53 AM


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Radiation side effect:

I completed radiation and Chemo 9/29/2017

I have not been able to regain my ability to swallow (liq or solid foods)

The opening of my Esophagus is virtually closed.

Had two failed EGD attempts to possibly enlarge the opening but Physician was unable to insert scope. 

seeking ideas & recommendations and specialist that deal with this issue. appreciate all recommendations.


19-Feb-2019 11:13 PM


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I had proton radiation for a Melanoma tumor in my left eye August 2017. The tumor is still there but has shrunk approx one millimeter. I am losing my sight because the radiation contacted my optic nerve and it is slowly dying. I have not been prescribed any medication. They just keep testing me to make sure the cancer has not metastasized. 

I have read about alternate cancer cures but have so far found no mention of how to treat tumors zapped by proton radiation.

What is the best way to go?


22-Feb-2019 12:27 PM


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Hi Allan, 

We have free (donate if you are able) counseling. 

Here are a few tips/suggestions from our Certified Holistic Cancer Coaches. 

Lynn Roodbol I wonder if you are able to consult a Naturopathic doctor who specializes in ophthalmology?

Ileana Nguyen cured her own cancer not sure if its the same as yours but it was in her eye she almost went blind she did the ketogenic diet and it cured it..check it out anyway and contact her

Ileana Nguyen essentially I would imagine this needs treatment for melanomas as that is the primary cancer

You may also go to our FB "Ask a Holistic Cancer Coach" and post your question there.


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