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BC-064 Cancer Survivor, Master Esthetician and Teacher Becky Kuehn’s Mission Is To Restore Cancer Patients’ Unique Beauty

BC-064 Cancer Survivor, Master Esthetician and Teacher Becky Kuehn’s Mission Is To Restore Cancer Patients’ Unique Beauty

2019 - 11 - 20 | Author: Debra Melamed

Becky Kuehn started her journey in 1978 when she was diagnosed with a rare form of uterine cancer at the age of 18. She realized that there was not a lot of help for losing your eyebrows and your hair, or on how to deal with skin issues. She was in beauty school at the time and she really wanted to find a way to bring her schooling and cancer together, because when you go through the journey of having cancer, quality of life is so important and people need help to feel good on the outside.

Listen to this podcast to learn about the services that are available to people with cancer who are having side effects from treatments or are in need of spa services to feel like themselves again. Also, if you a professional who could benefit from becoming oncology trained, this podcast is for you.
4:19 Radiation can cause different side effects and we help people going through radiation therapy to prep the skin with pure calendula oil. Immunotherapy or bio therapy and anti-cancer drug therapy all have side effects such as dry skin, rashes, red blotches, loss of color of skin, etc and we can help them be more comfortable and give them some normalcy back so they can go to work.

6:15 We offer free wigs at my 2 locations. We teach people how to put on brows safely with cosmetics.

7:09 I am in the Seattle Washington area working with the CHI group and 8 different hospitals. We offer treatments at no cost. With my teaching I have over 4500 grads, and throughout the US we have 26 locations where we have somebody in a cancer center that can help patients in that area. The goal is to have someone oncology trained everywhere in the US in salons and hospitals.

8:31 It is very important when you are looking for a spa professional to ask if that person has been oncology trained.

9:04 Incorrect massage can trigger lymphedema, so make sure if you have had lymph nodes removed that the massage therapist is trained in oncology.

10:06 We have grown from 6 classes in 2013 to 51 classes today. Oncology Aesthetics is now an official modality.

10:45 We just launched where there is a locator to find someone who is oncology trained.

11:37 I believe in continually learning. I found Susan and BeatCancer and I flew out to Pa and took the Holistic Cancer Coaching course. I learned so much, especially how to work with someone holistically or whole body. Learning all that was so beneficial and I refer to that over and over.

13:00 The skin is the largest organ of the body and medications almost always express in the skin.

15:00 Doctors, nurses, massage therapists, nail techs, aestheticians, spa professionals and anyone who can benefit from this knowledge can take our class.


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Becky Kuehn
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