Carolyn Byrd, RN


Certified Wellness Coach, Certified Breast Cancer Nurse, and Certified Holistic Cancer Coach

I was diagnosed with stage 3B, grade 3, breast cancer, 5 months after a clean mammogram in October 2009. I was currently working as a hospice nurse and was taking care of the patients who was dying of the same disease I had. I had the conventional therapy with chemo, radiation and had a lumpectomy. I also had 8 positive lymph nodes. I was also triple positive so I had to have treatments for 1 year. I had to go on Aromatase Inhibitors (the five year pills) due to my positive hormone status. Within 3 years of being on the medication, my weight increased by 30 pounds, increased hot flashes, painful joints and facets disease in my spine that caused excruciating back pain. I had to undergo steroids treatments for the pain which was unsuccessful. The next step was surgery but I refused. I knew that God would somehow heal my body. I was spiraling down with a poor quality of life. In 2013 I met someone who introduced me to Juice Plus (concentrated fruits and vegetables in a capsule). I started taking Juice Plus and then went on a vegan diet. Within 6 months, I lost those 30 pounds, and became pain free for the first time in 20 years. I never had to have surgery on my spine! I realized that people was dying from their poor nutritional habits and lifestyle choices. I was inspired to became a certified wellness coach and quit my job as a hospice nurse because I did not want to help people die anymore, I wanted to teach them how to LIVE. I started my own wellness ministry called Live Long and Lean where I coach clients to better health through lifestyle, exercise, attitude and nutrition changes. I also  became a Nurse Navigator at a hospital system and helped patients navigate their cancer journey. I recently retired from that job so I can focus on helping clients holistically with their cancer journey. I was told that only 1 out of 5 women survive this type of breast cancer in the first five years! I am an 11 year cancer thriver with the best quality of life ever! I am a living witness that with the proper nutrition and lifestyle changes, you can beat cancer. I did!