Lynn Roodbol, BASc, CC, CWC


Certified Wellness Coach

Lynn had breast cancer, colon cancer, and skin cancer in 1986 +1987 . Treated with surgery and chemotherapy in 1987.

1987 - present: Lynn uses holistic modalities and mind/body medicine - education, deep breathing, meditation, guided imagery, visualization, Therapeutic Touch, walking, good nutrition, sleep, stress management, vitamins

"I had surgery and chemotherapy but I knew that something else was needed if I was going to survive. I read books and learned how to heal my mind, body, and spirit; my husband coached me and I have been well since 1987. I am trained as a Wellness coach with Wellcoaches Inc. and a Holistic Cancer Coach at . I have a BASc. in Adult Development and am currently working on a degree in Psychology and also on how to be a Mental Fitness coach. I believe it's possible to heal yourself as long as you have the will and the energy to work on creating healthy lifestyle habits. You are in the driver's seat and a coach can sit beside you and help you get to where you want to go."