Tina Silas


Certified Christian Life Coach with CLCI, Certified Holistic Cancer Coach (BeatCancer.org) and a Certified Massage Therapist

Tina Silas is a Cancer Thriver!  Before her diagnosis, Tina had been having regular checkups at the doctor’s office and everything seemed fine. When she began getting older and began having irregular periods and heavy bleeding, she chalked it up to symptoms of menopause. But the changes didn’t go away and in January 2018 she also began feeling out of breath and lacked energy. She went back to the doctor and had several tests including an endometrial biopsy. That’s when she learned she had cancer. “I’m a very optimistic person,” said Tina. “I went in with the hope that it wasn’t anything negative, that everything was fine, but I also always knew it could be cancer. So when my gynecologist told me, I wasn’t shocked. I was happy to know there was a diagnosis. So I was like – let’s get this done.”  Tina with excitement knew that this was the start of her Faith Journey!  She had complications after the surgery that required dozens of blood transfusions and a hospital stay of several weeks. But now that she’s recovered, her doctor is confident the surgery removed all the cancer. Tina's treatment plan included a hysterectomy, 6 treatments of chemotherapy and 37 treatments of radiation (34 external,3 internal). There's so much more to her miraculous healing and testimony that she never shies away from sharing.

She has become a novice at consulting other's in nutrition and sharing her holistic recipes as a cook. Since cooking is already a passion of Tina's and her continued research about holistic foods.  It is with hope, that working together, she and her client's will do everything necessary to THRIVE!

" I'm a single parent of two beautiful and brilliant daughter's who continue to be my "WHY" for living."