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Holistic Cancer Coach Certification

Holistic Cancer Coach Certification

Who should consider this program?

  • Doctors, nurses, psychologists, social workers, nutritionists, physical therapists, support group leaders, and other health professionals that currently offer or wish to offer integrative, holistic, complementary or alternative resources, counseling, and therapies for people and families dealing with cancer-related concerns
  • This training is also open to laypersons with a background in health, nutrition, ministry, life coaching or caregiving. 

Program benefits

  • Expand your client base
  • Enhance the quality of your service
  • Receive training from an experienced, knowledgeable, dynamic educator
  • Learn practical information that can directly impact the health of your clients
  • Improve your revenue stream
  • Be eligible for 9.5 self-reported CEU’s
  • Get listed on the BeatCancer website as a referral resource 

You will learn

  • The shortcomings of traditional cancer support services
  • Key elements to make your cancer support program stand out
  • The advantages of a patient-driven over a protocol-driven program
  • How to do a holistic intake and make a holistic needs assessment
  • The difference between a tumor-oriented and a host-oriented approach
  • Criteria for evaluating alternative cancer therapies
  • Rationales for implementing CAM cancer treatments
  • How to design an individualized holistic game plan
  • Fascinating patient case stories
  • Nutritional resources for minimizing treatment side effects
  • How to help your patients prevent recurrence
  • The advantages of nutrition in a cancer treatment program
  • Foods to include and foods to avoid and why
  • How to guide patients in making dietary changes
  • The crucial importance of detoxification
  • Key detoxification methods
  • Natural ways to deal with pain
  • Essential educational resources

Program features

  • 10 hours of formal training
  • Downloadable materials 
  • Signed certificate
  • Permission to use our certification program logo on your marketing materials and website
  • Listing as an approved counselor on the website
  • Client referrals when appropriate 
  • Access to secure coach section of the website with resources and tools for certified counselors/coaches.


  • At the end of your training, you will receive a current dated and signed certificate which should be displayed prominently in your office.
  • Certification will expire one year from date of issue unless renewed.
  • expects that you will adhere to the highest ethical standards of conduct and reserves the right to withdraw permission to display and market our certification if you misrepresent, its philosophy or its values.
  • Certification entitles you to provide our educational information but does not certify in any way your therapeutic skills 

Program fees

  • Initial one-year certification:  SAVE $50! REGISTER BY DECEMBER 31 (Enter Coupon Code: fifty)
  • Renewal certification: $50/year (includes 5 hours telephone consultation)





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