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(e-Book) Breast Cancer: Is It What You're Eating or What's Eating You?

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E-Books for Cancer-Fighting Foods

Looking for resources to learn more about cancer-fighting foods? Interested in reading about how to prevent cancer through dietary changes? Want to know all about cancer-causing foods? If you’re looking for the truth about cancer, including how diet can help ward off the disease, our wide range of e-books is sure to provide the research you need.

We offer a wide range of e-books, including those that provide thorough research into the foods that can cause cancer, along with the foods that can help prevent the deadly disease. We also offer books that provide dietary guidelines for cancer patients to follow. While chemotherapy is the common treatment option for those with cancer, dietary changes can have a great impact on one’s overall health and ability to fight the disease.

Our e-books discuss a wide range of topics and are available for cancer patients as well as those who may be at a higher risk of cancer because of genetics. ABCD Diet Book: An A-Z Guide to the Top Anti-Cancer Foods provides an alphabetical guide of foods that can fight cancer. The e-book also provides scientific research into how these foods help with cancer prevention and the prevention of recurrence. Another one of our e-books Breast Cancer: Is It What You're Eating or What's Eating You? discusses the various foods that can cause cancer.

Cancer E-books You Can Trust

All the e-books that we offer are not only inexpensive but provide a wealth of knowledge. Understanding how different foods serve as immune boosters as well as understanding the best diet for cancer patients can improve your health now and long into the future. The more you understand about cancer-causing foods, the better dietary choices you can make to minimize your risk of suffering from society’s top killer.

We’re always adding new e-books to our collection, so be sure to check back often to read about the latest and greatest research into anti-cancer foods.

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    (e-Book) Breast Cancer: Is It What You're Eating or What's Eating You?

    This is an empowering, life-changing 84-page booklet based on published scientific research and experience with over 10,000 women. With this booklet, readers will learn the amazing effects of simple dietary and psychological tools that can greatly lower the risk of breast cancer, prevent its recurrence, and improve survival.

    When thinking about breast cancer and its risk factors, most people think of genetics, especially the BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes. While cancer is certainly genetic, we tend to ignore the daily choices we make as being risk factors in our overall health, including our ability to fight off disease and infection.

    What we eat not only makes a difference in how we look and feel physically; dietary choices also impact our body’s ability to ward off diseases such as breast cancer. A low-quality diet may increase inflammation and the production of certain hormones that may increase the risk of breast cancer.

    Are you wondering if your diet contains cancer-causing foods? Diets that contain high amounts of processed food, high-fat content, and high animal protein content may increase the risk of breast cancer. The booklet discusses in depth the foods to avoid to ensure your body is healthy inside and out.

    This booklet will allow you to take charge of your diet, helping you to eliminate cancer-causing foods and, instead, replace them with anti-cancer foods. A plant-based diet is one of the most common options for a healthier diet that may prevent breast cancer.