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Beat Breast Cancer Kit

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    Beat Breast Cancer Kit

    Help You Prepare Delicious Disease Fighting Recipes! Change the Way You Cope With Stress! Check if You Have a Breast Cancer Prone Personality! Discover 10 Foods that Can Help Prevent or Reverse Breast Cancer! Change Your Diet - Change Your Hormones! Learn What the Science Says About Diet and Breast Cancer Survival! Find Out About Non - Toxic Treatments!


    This specially chosen multi-media kit contains: Breast Cancer - Is it What You're Eating or What's Eating You? (84-page book) Breast Cancer:  The Untold Story (DVD) Christina Cooks "An Ounce of Prevention" (DVD), Breast Cancer: The Stress Connection (CD), Hungry for Health Recipe Book, A Cancer Battle Plan (158-page book), reports, and magazines.

    Over a $130 Value