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Beat Cancer Diet Kit

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    Beat Cancer Diet Kit

    This multi-media kit provides state-of-the-art dietary information for people currently fighting cancer or those trying to prevent cancer or recurrence. It will help you to end your confusion about fad diets; learn the four nutrition secrets that could save your life; turn your kitchen into a disease-fighting arena, and learn the best foods and beverages for fighting cancer.

    The kit includes: Fight Cancer with Your Fork! (CD), Guides for Dietary Change (DVD), Four Nutrition Secrets (DVD), Hungry for Health recipe book (157 healthful, easy-to-prepare recipes that taste great), Hungry for Health Meal Planner, Alphabetical Beat Cancer Diet book, Veggie Juices & Cancer Treatment booklet, two issues of Immune Perspectives magazine on green tea, whole foods, and microwaving, and more.

    FREE with Purchase:  Download The Health Consequences of What We Feed Our Kids and The Top 20 Beat Cancer Tips

    Over a $130 value!