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Beat Cancer Tool Kit

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    Beat Cancer Tool Kit

    Harness the Healing Power of Your Mind, Emotions and Spirit! Learn How to Prevent Cancer and Recurrence! Discover Your Body's Innate Healing Potential! Empower Your Immune System! Protect Yourself from Treatment Side Effects! Learn the Powerful Ways Diet Can Affect Cancer Survival! A perfect gift for anyone you know you has had a cancer diagnosis! 

    This specially chosen multi-media kit contains:  Fight Cancer With Your Fork (DVD), Cancer: 50 Essential Things to Do (184-page book), Kitchen Chemotherapy (book), Chemo/Radiation Tip Sheets (pamphlet), Evaluating Alt. Cancer Therapies (Article),  Cancer: Maximizing Your Healing Potential (triple CD set) Cancer's Best Medicine (46-page guide), Immune Perspectives (3 editions).  Plus bonus reports and downloadables. Total value over $135