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BC-080 Intro to a Coach: Janice Amirault from debilitating illness to vibrant health via holistic methods

2021-09-29 | Author:
Janice Amirault BeatCancer.Org Holistic Cancer Coach

Janice Amirault is a Registered Holistic Nutritional Consultant and Holistic Cancer Coach. Her interest in wellness and healthy food preparation stems from her own personal wellness journey; one that took her…

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BC-079 Intro to a Coach: Rick Jurvis, a story of acceptance and empowerment

2021-09-16 | Author:
BeatCancer.Org Holistic Cancer Caoch Rick Jurvis YT

Rick Jurvis is a retired Fire Department Captain who served as Battalion Chief and Emergency Medical Technician. In July 2020, Rick was diagnosed with Glioblastoma brain cancer (more…)

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BC-078 Karen’s Story A narrative of Hope and Inspiration

2021-05-03 | Author:

 I always tell people that having breast cancer was the worst and best thing I ever experienced. While the medical protocol addressed the body, this cancer journey re-shaped my life…

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Skincare | What’s in your products?

2020-11-25 | Author: Jane Wotton

ABOUT ME Although I graduated university with a pharmacy degree and worked as a pharmacist for 10 years in the UK, a move to the US gave me the opportunity…

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BC-077 Intro To A Coach: Arti Kumar-Jain Certified Holistic Cancer Coach

2020-10-23 | Author: Arti Kumar-Jain

Hello! My name is Arti Kumar-Jain. I am a Certified Holistic Cancer Coach. My journey began when my mom was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer Stage IV in February 2018. As…

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BC-076 How 10yr Survivor, Natalie Proenca, Beat Cancer Holistically and has grown to be a Top Cancer Coach

2020-09-28 | Author: Natalie Proenca

Intro to a Coach: Natalie Proenca - Find Out How 10yr Survivor, Natalie Proenca, Beat Cancer Holistically and has grown to be a Top Holistic Cancer Coach  Natalie Proenca…

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That Gnawing Emotion After Cancer Diagnosis and Why You Need to Deal With It

2020-06-29 | Author: Diane Burton
Diane Burton TedTalk Speaker Beat Cancer Holistic Cancer Coach

That Gnawing Emotion After Cancer Diagnosis and Why You Need to Deal With It by: TedTalk Keynote Speaker, Diane Burton “What does a person do? What is this emotion? It…

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INTRO TO A COACH: Holly Knudson

2020-06-10 | Author: Holly Knudson
Holly Knudson Beat Cancer Holistic Cancer Coach

My name is Holly Knudson. I’m a Functional Diagnostic Health Practitioner (FDN) and Holistic Cancer Coach. As a cancer support educator and consultant, I offer a holistic program that focuses…

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INTRO TO A COACH: Bruce P Abbott

2020-05-21 | Author: Bruce P Abbott
Bruce Abbott Beat Cancer Holistic Cancer Coach

On December 18th, 2018 my wife was diagnosed with Grade 3 invasive ductal breast cancer, HER2 receptor 3+ extending to 46mm. Approximately 19mm of this mass was precancerous. She also…

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BC-075 Intro To A Coach: Jennifer Gale, Tools For Balancing Energy and Releasing Trapped Emotions

2020-03-23 | Author: Debra Melamed

Jennifer Gale is a Traditional/Classical Naturopath certified through the American Naturopathic Medical Certification Board (ANMCB) as well as a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner. She also has certification as a Bio-Energetics…

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