Healthy Food Choices with Catharine Janssen

Surviving Breast Cancer has just posted my next presentation that they will be hosting on their website on December 4th at 4PM EST. The presentation topic is: Healthy Food Choices Join us as Catharine Janssen shares keys concepts surrounding healthy food choices like anti-cancer superfoods, cancer protective food choices, Phytonutrients, Anti-Oxidants, and much more! I... View Article


Thrive with Cancer: Move Beyond Just Surviving

Join Kathryn White, Certified Holistic Cancer Coach, as she shares a wholistic approach to being a cancer thriver. Learn her 3 step approach of creating healthy lifestyle habits related to the body, mind, and spirit. In this workshop Kathryn addresses stress management, healthy eating, movement, and other lifestyle choices that will help you to become... View Article


The Science of Starving Cancer

Online PO Box 130, Richboro, PA

Mark Simon, Director, Nutritional Oncology Research Institute and Dr. Robert M. Hoffman, PhD, CEO, AntiCancer, Inc. will talk about every aspect relating to starving cancer naturally. Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 844 5579 5751 Passcode: 319820 For more information, visit this link:

How to Treat Cancer Naturally

Online PO Box 130, Richboro, PA

"A Safer and Gentler Way to Treat Cancer" Workshops will cover the use of supplements, nutraceuticals and nontoxic compounds for cancer treatment. The focus is on pro-oxidant therapy. Off label drugs will be explored for potential benefit with low risk. Diet will not be covered as it is fully discussed within The Science of Starving... View Article

Coach Kara Brown speaking at the Spiritual Growth Forum Virtual Summit

About Kara: I began my journey into alternative medicine after my sister was diagnosed with Ocular Melanoma. I was so very fortunate to be with her the last two weeks of her life where she informed me that there are other treatments and cures for cancers in other countries but are not allowed in the... View Article