Catharine Janssen


Catharine Janssen is a retired critical care Registered Nurse, breast cancer survivor, an active Rotarian, a Distinguished Toastmaster and now a Certified Cancer Coach.  Catharine is also the owner of BRACAShirts (Cancer shirts designed for women to manage post-surgical drains).

Catharine has started a learning series with PowerPoint presentations.  Catharine is excited to share and further develop the knowledge of my clients. I believe that “Knowledge is Power” that will lead to sound decision making, clients making informed decisions and guide them through establishing and adopting healthy lifestyle changes. I started cancer coaching and exploring great products to help women with cancer. I am hoping to help women confidently explore alternative approaches to their cancer care as complementary to their medical regimes.  My website will be designed to further my cancer clients education, as well as provide to clients a reliable resource for cancer information under the Education section and Cancer Care Roundup.  Wishing all a successful