Yetta Carol Blair



I would like to start by introducing myself, and letting you know why I chose this career change and why I am talking about diet, lifestyle and cancer.

I am Yetta Blair. I am a functional nutrition practitioner and a certified holistic cancer coach based in Louisville, KY, and the founder of Yetta Blair Nutrition. Like many people, my road to considering the role of nutrition in health began with a family crisis. This was in May of 2019, when my wife, Gayle, was diagnosed with stage IV Metastatic Breast Cancer, with so many tumors in her bones, it was listed as too many to count. She went from hiking the Grand Tetons just a few months earlier, to being taken to doctor appointments in a wheelchair.

We were shocked and devastated. We thought we were living a decently healthy lifestyle of exercise and good food. Boy, were we wrong.

Like many cancer patients, Gayle turned her care over to her oncologist and started down the path of Chemotherapy and Immunotherapy treatments. After the second treatment, she had new scans done and those scans showed a “positive response” to the treatments. We were thrilled, until we found out from her oncologist that this was good, but most likely there would be no further improvement and he told us that Gayle would never hike again. He said the drugs he was giving her would eventually stop working and he would have to find a different drug for her to take; it too would eventually stop working. But, he said he would then find another drug and then another and another. He left us feeling there was no real hope with his treatment plan and that she was headed down a path of decline.

As you can imagine, we kicked into high gear when we heard his prognosis; we put on our research hats and started searching for what we could do to heal her cancer and support her overall health and survival. Our research led us to Germany. We spent four weeks at a German cancer clinic where she was under the care of one of the top four integrative oncologists in Germany. His treatment plan was integrative and holistic. There she received treatments like full body hyperthermia and local hyperthermia, Vitamin C infusions, Oxygen therapy, Ozone therapy, Thymus peptide therapy, daily detox protocols, magnetic field therapy and of course, amazing food and nutrition.

The last one was somewhat of a no brainer for me as I am a foodie and believe that everything we eat or put in our bodies has an effect on us. It can be good or bad, immediate or long-term, predictable or not, but one way or another, there will be an effect. To me, food was the answer. It gave me something I could do every day, several times a day to nurture both of us and foster our health. And through the process, food became my greatest ally. It truly empowered me. It allowed me to make a significant difference in a situation that otherwise felt out of, and beyond, my control.

My passion is driven by my desire to share with others what I have learned about the healing and empowering aspects of food and lifestyle choices.

Three years after Gayle’s stage IV diagnosis, she has gone from Stage IV to no active cancer. She is thriving. Her bones are healing. She is back to hiking 5-6 miles and doing all the activities she loved doing prior to her diagnosis.

It was a year into this path with Gayle that I remade my life, diving deep into research and going back to school to pursue the knowledge and credentials needed to practice as a functional medicine nutritionist and a holistic cancer coach. Now, as a functional nutrition practitioner, I work with each individual client to help them find the root cause of their symptoms and help them engage the body’s natural healing resources to feel better. My desire is to help others find their own path to understanding food as medicine and to bring the science of nutrition and lifestyle into
every day life.

Thank you for joining me on this path.

Yetta Blair, CHCC
Functional Nutrition Counselor &
Certified Holistic Cancer Coach