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Annette S. and Dave C.

Testimonial from Annette S. and Dave C.

Dear Dr. Silberstein,

Thank you for all the work you have done to provide excellent information and support to people fighting cancer and the people who support them as well as individuals who seek to live a healthy lifestyle to prevent cancer and other debilitating diseases.

My husband Dave and I have been speaking with Dr. Randi Shayne over the past few weeks. It has been a great encouragement. We have learned lots about nutrition and its importance in being healthy. We have made huge changes in our diet and my husband is learning that this is a lifestyle change.

We really appreciate the support we have received and are sending in a $500 membership to support C.A.C.E. and its continued efforts in helping people with cancer.


Annette S. and Dave C.

[NOTE from Editor: CACE is Center for Advancement in Cancer Education AKA: BeatCancer.Org]