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Vitev’s line of alkaline, ionizing reverse osmosis systems offer high-level filtration with a natural blend of minerals to provide the needed alkaline and antioxidant benefits. By way of comparison, the pH of some sports drinks may be as low as 3.0, popular bottled water may have a pH of 6.0, most tap water may be neutral at 7.0, but Vitev-treated water has a pH of about 9.0.

As relates to ORP (remember, in this case, negative is better), sports drinks often score at +400, popular bottled water at +300, most tap water at +200, but Vitev-treated water has a negative ORP of -300 to -600.

The Vitev products I recommend are either an under the counter option (MAXX) with a 3-gallon storage tank or a countertop version (RIPPLE) that makes the water as you need it. The products retail for under $800 and under $500 respectively, but clients will receive a discount of 20%, plus free shipping. To learn more or to order a system, visit and enter the discount code "beatcancer" at checkout, or call toll-free 1-855-456-9220 and mention our organization to receive your discount. Happy, healthy drinking!

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