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BC-021 Susan Silberstein interviews Dr. Helayne Waldman on What Cancer Survivors Need Most

BC-021 Susan Silberstein interviews Dr. Helayne Waldman on What Cancer Survivors Need Most

September 9, 2016 | Author: Susan Silberstein PhD
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Dr. Helayne Waldman, EdD, CNE, is an oncology nutrition expert and certified nutrition educator in private practice in Oakland, California. A teacher for over 25 years, she is currently on the faculty of Hawthorn University and the University of Western States Masters Program in Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine. She is the author of the bestselling Whole Food Guide for Breast Cancer Survivors and co-founder of the RENEW cancer survivorship coaching program.

Join us for this podcast, and learn about:

  • The four biggest challenges facing millions of cancer survivors
  • The most important thing cancer survivors need to know
  • What conventional oncology treatments leave unaddressed
  • Why the same program is not valuable for every patient
  • How to assess your risk factors for recurrence
  • How you can benefit from survivorship training

After cancer treatment of any kind, were you left wondering: What happens now? When will I get back to feeling like myself? What can I do so I never have to go through this again?

Well here is your roadmap: The RENEW! Live online Education and Coaching for Cancer Survivors program starts Thursday, October 6 at 10 am Pacific time (1 pm eastern time). Facilitated by two expert cancer survivorship coaches with 55+ years of combined experience (Dr. Helayne and Dr. Susan), the coaching program comprises 10 weekly 90-minute live sessions covering

  • Nutrient depletion and restoration
  • Blood sugar and insulin levels
  • Inflammation control
  • Immune health
  • Toxicity elimination
  • Emotional healing
  • Hormones and bone health
  • How to turn knowing into doing
  • Q & A and more

Early bird discount by September 21 is $395, with an additional 10% discount for subscribers. Just go to and enter coupon code BC10 at checkout.

Listen now as Educational Director Dr. Susan Silberstein interviews Dr. Helayne Waldman:

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