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BC-044 Mammograms may do more harm than good according to leading experts

BC-044 Mammograms may do more harm than good according to leading experts

January 7, 2019 | Author: Debra Melamed

WARNING: Mammograms may do more harm than good according to leading experts… and The American Cancer Society agrees. Thermography is the answer.

In this interview with Dr Philip & Liesha Getson, you will learn TRUTH about Mammograms and how To avoid Misdiagnosis Leading To Unnecessary Breast Cancer Treatment.

There are so many golden nuggets, it worth listening all the way to the end.

What is Thermography? How safe, and effective is a Thermogram?

2:27 Thermographic cameras are FDA cleared and totally safe. It is a screening tool for breast health as well as thyroid, dental and neuromuscular issues. It is done without the radiation and compression inherent to mammograms.

*3:12-23 Thermographic evidence abnormalities can occur 7-10 years before a mammogram will find a tumor the size of a pencil eraser.

Why are mammograms less effective and potentially unsafe?

5:23 Only then is it palpable or readable on a mammogram and thats really too late.

*6:08 The compression of a mammogram is about 44 lbs of weight and it only takes 30 to rupture the capsule of a tumor. 7:11Then you are hitting the damaged cells with a very focused amount of radiation.

18:46 Mammograms are inconclusive with dense breasts

 What is the biggest hazard of getting mammograms (it’s not what you think)?

*20:4321:35The biggest harm of mammograms is over diagnoses. Tiny lesions that would never cause a woman a problem are being treated with chemo, radiation and surgery, doing more harm with treatment than would ever be from cancer.

*21:3921:58 Statistically 85% of all micro calcifications are benign. The other 15% are so slow growing they would never cause a woman a problem.

*22:01-09 The American Cancer Society states that we are over diagnosing and over treating.

How are mammograms causing more harm than good?

*22:3223:59 People are getting treated for DCIS Ductal Carcinoma in Situ. They are supposed to take the word carcinoma out because its not breast cancer. People are getting chemo and radiation for something that’s not even breast cancer. It’s criminal.

24:28-36 5-6x/year we will see women come in for thermograms that have had mastectomies for DCIS and they don’t have cancer.

*24:5725:41 The Cochrane Group studied 2000 women who had annual mammograms for 10 years. That’s 20,000 mammograms. The number of women whose lives would be saved is one. The rest were under or over diagnosed, or whose tumors were so slow growing that they would have no impact on their life.

*26:13-21 The best way to never get cancer is to never get a mammogram.

29:08-22 When you read the medical literature its not something that should have been done in the first place. It should be done through diet and lifestyle modification and monitoring.

What can any woman do, everyday, to lessen the risk of Breast Cancer?

29:3430:11 Diet and lifestyle modifications-removing underwire bras 38:09 because it causes lymphatic congestion.

30:26-35 The lymph system pushes toxins out of the body so you want the breasts to be able to move and not be constricted in a tight bra with an underwire. 30:40 People do rebounding, exercising, walking to move toxins out through the lymph 30:54 You don’t want to use an antiperspirant because you don’t want to stop your body from sweating and you don’t want aluminum

32:09-33 Beat cancer brochure reads 90% of all cancers can be eliminated through diet and lifestyle modification and science agrees. Eat real food, organic, non-GMO. Mostly a plant-based diet. 34:43-58 We are 70% water so we need to make sure we’re taking in enough water, half your body weight in ounces of filtered water.

Early detection is good, earlier detection is better…

38:07 Thermograms are so great because it detects tumors 7-10 years ahead of time.

38:45 The stress connection. Stress increases cortisol and affects hormones. It also increases pain and decreases the body’s ability to fight infection and disease.


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