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BC-051 Intro To A Coach: Holistic RN Kerry Hardy Teaches Us How to Raise Our Vibration to Heal

BC-051 Intro To A Coach: Holistic RN Kerry Hardy Teaches Us How to Raise Our Vibration to Heal

August 4, 2019 | Author: Debra Melamed

Kerry Hardy is passionate about helping people heal through alternative and non-pharmacological modalities that treat the mind-body-spirit connection. She specializes in dealing with cancer and hospice, and uses her expertise as a Reiki Master, Pranic healer, certified crystal healer, doTerra wellness advocate, and aromatherapist to raise vibration so the body is not hospitable to cancer.

Kerry is a member of Beat Cancer’s Medical Advisory Panel and is also certified as a Beat Cancer Holistic Cancer Coach.

1:48 Working as a hospice nurse and working with cancer patients in the Yale community, we had cancer patients that would graduate and not transition to hospice and some of that did not. So I learned an awful lot through my patience of what works and what didn’t.

2:16 I also found Reiki energy work on my personal journey and that really help me tune in to who I was and what I needed for my own healing.

2:29 That big package of holistic mentality of the mind, the body and the spirit started to come together for me as I was working with patients and seeing those who could connect and those who didn’t. There really was a difference there in the success rates of those who healed.

3:37 there’s chemo and there’s radiation and surgery and there’s a place for all of them at the right times if that something that’s really going to work for you. But if it doesn’t resonate with you it’s something to really sit and turn into and search for other options.

4:09 When we start talking about the mind and the mental thought patterns and your energy field it all sounds crazy, but it’s not because we are energy. Everything is energy and everything is a different frequency.

4:27 what you really need to do is raise your vibration to a healing frequency so disease can dissipate.

5:48 I love essential oil‘s and they all have different frequencies. Frankincense is 147 this helps raise your vibration.

6:19 frankincense has been shown in labs to destroy a mutated DNA cell.

6:35 Myrrh has been shown to inhibit damage cells by getting into the RNA and not letting it replicate again.

7:08 to boost your immune system there’s oil’s such as cinnamon and clove.

7:31 crystals are another beautiful way to raise your vibration. They actually have energy and you can learn to work with them and utilize the energy.

8:44 Reiki is a Japanese method of bringing in source energy, whatever you believe source that is, God or spirit or the universe.

11:30 The neatest thing is that it works distantly because we are all connected. It’s really not this crazy idea that people like to label it.

14:21 there is no cookie-cutter recipe for healing and getting to the root cause and the root problem of why you got cancerin the first place is huge.

17:58 Love is healing in itself and we know that but we don’t talk about it.

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Kerry Hardy
Boulder, CO
Certified Holistic RN | Certified Holistic Cancer Coach |  Medical Intuitive | Reiki Master| Crystals |Aromatherapy
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