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BC-062 Intro To A Coach: Sabine Hope

BC-062 Intro To A Coach: Sabine Hope

October 21, 2019 | Author: Debra Melamed

Breast cancer survivor and thriver, Sabine Hope was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2016. Despite the fact that she only ate organic food and used natural products her whole life, and had no family history she experienced breast pain that ultimately led to a cancer diagnosis. She had a deep sense that she had to find out the cause of this cancer to be able to fully heal, and she learned that there is so much more to health than green smoothies.

Listen to this podcast and learn about how Sabine got to the root cause of her breast cancer and how her journey led her to develop her holistic program, The 5 Essentials

6:03 Cancer came to me as a wake-up call and that I needed to listen.

6:59 Through my research I found The Center For Advancement in Cancer Education. Finding the cancer coaching course with Beat Cancer was like coming home, because the things that I believed in were the same things that Beat Cancer had already researched and believed in.

8:00 I did training in Multi-brain Integration coaching which is based on neuroscience. We have a head brain, a heart brain, and a gut brain and they are connected via the vagus nerve. We can tap into our issues in the head by going deeper into the heart and the gut to get the answers we need.

11:35 The more I work with women with breast cancer and in the world of cancer, I realize trauma and stress and emotional well-being are key.

13:28 I developed an approach to healing called the 5 Essentials-Nourish, Flourish, Detox, Move, and Love. Joy must accompany each element.

17:24 It’s important to connect to what your passion is that makes you get excited to get up in the morning.

23:07 Back to normal can be a completely new normal. I do group coaching and 1-to-1 coaching and my approach is “From Breast Cancer to Butterfly”.

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