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BC-066 Intro To a Coach: Diane Burton on the Effects of Negative Emotions on our Health and how to Realize the Masterpiece Within

BC-066 Intro To a Coach: Diane Burton on the Effects of Negative Emotions on our Health and how to Realize the Masterpiece Within

December 9, 2019 | Author: Debra Melamed

Cancer Coach, Health Coach, Grief Coach, TED X Speaker (From Bullied To Bold), and Author Diane Burton experienced bullying as a child because of her weight issues. Even after losing the weight, she was still carrying the negative self-image with her through her adult life. She finally was able to release it after becoming a grief coach, and now helps others to release pain and trauma so they can find their way out of dis-ease and into joy and peace.

Diane is an advocate to guide people to enhance their nutritional, psychological and immune status. She supports patient empowerment through individualized and innovative science-based resources in preventative, holistic, integrative, complementary and alternative medicine.

Listen to this talk to learn more about how negative talk and emotions impact our state of health and how important love and forgiveness are for healing to take place. Diane will talk about the emotional, spiritual, physical aspects that affect our immune system and how important it is for them to all be balanced.

3:00 The stories we tell ourselves are negative stories. In my TED talk I explain how I said negative things over and over as if those words were written on the mirror because when I looked in the mirror I saw that fat person. I saw ugly, stupid, and worthless instead of seeing the amazing creation God gave me.

3:50 When you carry bullying comments in your body it causes stress and dis-ease.

7:26 Stop and look at the rose like it’s the first time you saw it. Instead of being busy, be productive. Stop and ask yourself are you happy in life and finding joy, are you doing what God put you on this earth to do, and are you being your authentic self?

9:15 It’s emotional, spiritual, physical. I like to call these the three immune system’s. If one is out of whack they are all out of whack.

12:58 When people can love who they are they can love others. It won’t matter what somebody does to you, you will still have love for people. When we carry anger, depression and bitterness and hatred we cause illness and disease.

13:42 Love and forgiveness are everything. I had to forgive myself for beating myself up mentally. By forgiving myself I could forgive others and this gave me peace. I had to learn to take 100% responsibility for everything in my life and how I react and respond. When I learned to rejoice in all circumstances in my life and to look for the lessons, blessings, and gifts it turned into my ministry. My mess became my message.

16:15 A cancer diagnosis is not a death sentence. It can be a life sentence. It’s an opportunity to make changes in your life, the way they think, eat, and talk. Find the gifts in everything in life to find joy and peace.

19:49 Research has shown there are certain emotions tied to certain cancers.
When we release the grief and trauma the body opens up to healing.

21:18 When you replay things and find yourself in negative thought processes that’s when you know you have stuff stuck down that you need to let go of.

22:22 The Master’s Masterpiece is my book. It’s a preacher’s wife’s journey froma broken and fat masterpiece to the Master’s Peace. It’s 10 chapters each is a question with 4 answers so people can do it like a 40 day devotional. It’s full of scripture with my story intertwined and talks about how to take care of yourself physically to be your best spiritually.

27:35 After I became a holistic cancer educator I realized cancer is only 5-10% genetic therefore I have to take care of myself. I invite the audience to have a 20 minute call with me by going to my websites and sending me a message or emailing me so they can heal the body before disease starts. And learn to eat to live instead of living to eat.

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