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BC-067 Intro To A Coach: Linda Yalen On The Root Causes of Disease-Stress, Environmental Toxins, and Digestion Issues And The Benefits Of Balancing Our Energy

BC-067 Intro To A Coach: Linda Yalen On The Root Causes of Disease-Stress, Environmental Toxins, and Digestion Issues And The Benefits Of Balancing Our Energy

December 9, 2019 | Author: Debra Melamed

Linda Yalen’s own health journey of digestive issues, weight gain, and low cortisol from a high stress lifestyle led her on a path of discovery. She also has had many family members with cancer that she has helped. Today, she is an author and is certified as a health coach with IIN, cancer coach, herbalist, energy medicine practitioner, and she is currently taking a certification course on environmental toxins with Lara Adler.

Listen to this podcast to learn about the root causes of our symptoms and what can help. Please refer to the links for education on environmental toxins, essential oils, and the importance of organic food.

5:00 What I loved about Beat Cancer is they’re a non-profit and the course doesn’t teach coaches to tell people not to do the treatments they choose, but instead it backs up education with scientific proof which allowed me to speak with validity.

7:37 Stress is the number one cause of most diseases.

8:07 When cortisol levels get low from stress you are susceptible to disease. You can test cortisol levels with a saliva test. Reiki, grounding, and deep breathing will help put yourself in a good place energetically and will help balance your chakras, which are your energy points.

10:09 You can get blockages in your heart area from heartbreak which can allow breast cancer to develop if you don’t release stress and allow yourself to grieve when necessary. There is a relationship between energy flow and disease.

12:15 It is a good idea, pre-and post surgery to have an energy healer work on you so energy free flowing. It accelerate healing of the body. I specialize in crisis and hospice. Reiki also helps heal the family.

14:40 Hormones and digestive issues go hand-in-hand. Everything starts in the gut. You can get a gut test to see if you have nutrient deficiencies or food sensitivities. Sleep deprivation affects hormone health. It’s important to be tuned into your symptoms.

16:45 Health coaches come into play to help with symptom analysis, using tools and test to problem solve to find the root cause and then make small changes in the right direction.

19:15 Hydration and sleep play a huge role in our health, as well as environmental toxins and the foods we eat.

21:50 One important thing to do is to chew your food until it’s liquid so the body doesn’t have to work so hard to digest. Also, when you eat sit down, turn off the TV and do not multitask while you’re eating.

23:22 Being on computers until bed can affect our health because of the blue light they give off. Be aware of 5G, the devices in your home, and the environmental toxins in your environment. I am taking a course with Lara Adler who is an environmental toxins expert,

28:33 is the environmental working group and they go to place for safe products, food, cosmetics, etc. There is also a great app for your phone that they have.

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