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BC-068 Intro To a Coach: Healing Strong Group Leader and Stage 4 Cancer Thriver, Joe Gentle

BC-068 Intro To a Coach: Healing Strong Group Leader and Stage 4 Cancer Thriver, Joe Gentle

January 2, 2020 | Author: Debra Melamed

Joe Gentle was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer 2 1/2 years ago. While he is still undergoing treatment, Joe is a cancer thriver and a Healing Strong group leader that wants to help others. He has a passion for being available to others to clear up all the confusing information and to let people know that they are supported and that healing is possible.

Listen to this podcast to learn about what has helped Joe on his healing journey, and how a Healing Strong support group meeting can help you on your healing journey.

3:07 Cancer patients can extend their life expectancy by 40% by losing weight and getting exercise. My doctor said to take 10,000 steps a day.

4:43 Modern convenience has cocooned us into this electric shell. Just getting out into nature and getting your feet in the ground (grounding) makes a big difference.

5:09 I’ve gone mostly vegetarian but Sunday is for comfort food. Diet and exercise have been big changes and I make sure I get my fruits and vegetables.

6:04 I do fresh vegetable juices to get as much nutrition into my body.

6:33 When I was at the hospital waiting to have my first surgery, the Lord touched me and said I was going to be all right.

7:21 I want to produce results in people’s lives.

9:55 A Healing Strong group meeting is a conversation with a coursework curriculums that I pass out before the meeting. The last meeting we talked about forgiveness and touched on breathing techniques, and also a prayer.

11:58 I took the Certified Holistic Cancer Coaching course with Beat Cancer because I realized early on that I was in over my head. I had only been focusing on colon cancer and solid tumors for 2 1/2 years. I needed a groundwork and a baseline understanding to take people from square one to square two gently, with love, letting them know we can do this. It’s doable. It’s a good hands-on practical approach that if you heal the body sometimes the cancer goes away.

13:48 Our Healing Strong group meetings meet once a month, but I am open to more if someone needs more. I’m in the Bay City Michigan area.

14:50 You can find a group meeting at where there is a map to look for meetings in your area. You can email or call me with questions. I am happy to help 24/7.

17:08 Healing Strong Is Bible-based but we are not a church and this is not an evangelical effort. We are trying to clear up confusion and help the people that are scared, alone and confused.

18:38 I hate it when someone’s eternity is screwed up. There’s a book called Cancer Can’t Kill You When You’re Already Dead by Dr. Kevin Connors. It’s a short read. It only took me one hour to get through, and it points out that this is not all there is. Eternity is real.

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