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BC-073 Jim and Kelly Webb Talk About Healing on a Spiritual Level and the Practice of Qigong

BC-073 Jim and Kelly Webb Talk About Healing on a Spiritual Level and the Practice of Qigong

February 4, 2020 | Author: Debra Melamed

Cancer coach, Healing Strong group leader, martial arts teacher and cancer thriver Jim Webb was diagnosed with intermediate stage prostate cancer in May of 2018. He was already on a path of research and education when he was diagnosed, and knew that he didn’t want to go the conventional route of treatment. Since diagnosis his passion has been leaning about and teaching holistic methods and lifestyle changes to boost the body’s ability to heal. He has been in martial arts for 17 years, is a level 3 reiki practitioner and particularly enjoys helping men on their healing journey with cancer. He works with his wife Kelly. She is a holistic health coach, reiki master, medical Qigong practitioner, and together they own Full Circle Martial and Healing Arts.

Listen to this podcast to learn about the life saving changes Jim has made on his cancer journey, and how important it is to embrace love, forgiveness, openness, spirituality, and energy healing practices such as Qigong, reiki, and meditation.

3:05 Learn about the benefits of sharing that Jim experienced as he explains how he immediately started a Facebook group called Thrive Don’t Just Survive after he was diagnosed.

4:58 Jim explains the changes he made in the areas of exercise, diet, supplements, reiki, and energy medicine. He learned by listening to The Truth About Cancer that 50% of all healing is emotional and spiritual.

6:50 Susan’s course (Beat Cancer’s Certified Holistic Cancer Coaching Course) talks about the traits that are associated with certain cancers, and the traumas we have experienced that affect our bodies on a cellular level that need to be released.

8:00 Learn what Healing Strong is about and how important support, love, and a having a higher power are to the healing process. Jim also talks about spirituality and energy medicine and how men especially need to open up and do the emotional work for healing to take place.

15:15 Forgiveness for ourselves and others is explored, and how it frees up energy for repair when we have a cancer diagnosis.

18:00 Learn about Jim’s morning routine of meditation, self-reiki, and self-love. Kelly Webb also talks about medical Qigong and how it can support the body to help with cancer. She tells us about her Facebook group people can join called Eastern Wisdom Meets Modern Lifestyle. We also talk about essential oils to use to help the senses so the body can reach the parasympathetic state of repair.

30:36 Learn how you can make an investment in your health by understanding that the skin is largest organ in the body and how important it is to use high quality products on your body as well as high quality food, water, and supplements.

32:00 Learn about the value of organic food, farmers markets, and the Environmental Working Group’s work on rating clean and dirty foods. Learn about the safety issues of EMFs and 5G. Juice Plus and the Tower Garden to grow your own food, sprouts and herbs is discussed.

38:00 Learn ways to get out of your head when you have cancer and into the flow of joy.

42:30 and benefits and the importance of prevention are discussed.

49:43 Jim and Kelly talk about their Martial arts school, Full Circle Martial and Healing Arts, where they have local classes. They are certified in adaptive martial arts and para Taekwondo. Many of their clients are 50+ years old and/or have health or body related issues.

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