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BC-075 Intro To A Coach: Jennifer Gale, Tools For Balancing Energy and Releasing Trapped Emotions

BC-075 Intro To A Coach: Jennifer Gale, Tools For Balancing Energy and Releasing Trapped Emotions

March 23, 2020 | Author: Debra Melamed

Jennifer Gale is a Traditional/Classical Naturopath certified through the American Naturopathic Medical Certification Board (ANMCB) as well as a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner. She also has certification as a Bio-Energetics practitioner working through the NES program. She gives workshops and lectures throughout the southeast Michigan area on all aspects of Natural Health – with primary focus on Nutrition, Herbs, Reflexology, Essential Oils, Organic Gardening, and Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis. Her most recent work is combining Thermal imaging into client care as a Thermo buzzer consultant.

Her interest in cancer stems from the pain and feelings of helplessness she felt seeing many family, friends, colleagues, and others receive a cancer diagnosis and wanting to DO something. As she went through her Naturopathy work, she learned how to approach each person from a unique perspective. Today, Jennifer uses all of her knowledge, resources and connections to be a Beacon of natural education.

Jennifer states, “I loved finding Beat Cancer as an organization because it immediately provided a community of people, resources, and credibility that took the same approach that I do with the mind/body/spirit connection, without forcing someone to do what we think is best, but instead supporting the person and their choices.”

While I was doing the course work I came up with the idea of BEACON – A Half Day Retreat for Cancer Survivors, Thrivers, and their supporters.

Listen to this podcast to learn about the modalities Jennifer uses in her practice that she is passionate about!

2:13 Jennifer’s health journey with asthma

4:03 How juicing helped Jennifer’s asthma and how food sensitivities can be a trigger.

5:00 Jennifer speaks about emotional root causes of her health issues.

7:15 Jennifer becomes a Naturopathic Dr.

9:55 “What I’m definitely most excited about is helping people get to the point of understanding a true mind, body, spirit connection through energy work, and my work as an NES (Nutra Energetic Systems) practitioner is probably one of the most exciting ways of doing that”.

10:34 Jennifer talks about how we are energy and how balancing the body field can affect the physical body.

11:06 Explanation of a scan and what it can do.

14:16 Jennifer talks about how emotions get stuck in different parts of our body and disrupt our energy field.

17:02 There’s usually emotions underlying a cancer diagnosis.

18:04 Structured water and cancer.

24:14 Reflexology as an assessment tool and for cancer. NIH gave millions of dollars to study reflexology for cancer, and the benefits for patient and their caregiver.

29:38 Infrared mat with Crystals and how it promotes circulation and helps energy flow freely by freeing up emotional or toxic blockages.

31:04 How points on the feet connect to the body.

36:16 Fasting for cancer. ProLon makes products that mimic fasting.

38:29 Jennifer finds Beat Cancer, Certified Holistic Cancer Coaching Course, Susan Silberstein, and Healing Strong.

45:29 is a lifestyle brand that encourages everyone to take ancient ways of living and understanding, but makes it relevant to today. Jennifer has a year-long concierge service. She is very excited about her Beacon event 6/20.

It is a beacon of light and hope for anyone touched by cancer to see what the natural health world has to offer.

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