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Become a Certified Cancer Health Coach / Cancer Support Educator in Just 20 Hours!

Become a Certified Cancer Health Coach / Cancer Support Educator in Just 20 Hours!

February 9, 2014 | Author:

Great news! I am really excited to announce the launch of my new online training course for cancer support educators! Here is your chance to become a cancer health coach through our online cancer health coach certification program!

I am offering a special promotion for $50 off the regular course price – but you have to register. Be sure to use the coupon code “fifty” to get your discount and ensure that 100% of your tuition will go towards helping people with cancer: Become a Coach

Wellness coaching is big these days. I have noticed many opportunities to become a certified health coach, a holistic health coach or even a life coach, but this program takes health coach training and wellness coach training a step furtherspecifically into the cancer education arena.  And you know how passionate I am about that! Essentially I’ve devoted my whole life to it!

Moreover, this course is my legacy.  Whenever and wherever I am no longer able to travel or teach, those who take my training will be able to be my messengers.  And the good news is that in a few short hours I teach my online students what it took me more than 35 years to learn!


Learn about proven holistic, complementary and alternative approaches for cancer from a dynamic trainer with 36 years of experience providing counseling services to nearly 30,000 cancer patients! Through lectures, film, case studies, supportive articles, role-playing, and follow-up quizzes, you will understand how to best help diagnosed patients improve their nutritional, immunological and psychological status, manage cancer treatment side effects, enhance quality of life, prevent recurrence, and extend survival. This course should take you about 20 hours to complete.


You will learn:

  • The shortcomings of traditional cancer support services
  • Key elements to make your cancer support program stand out
  • The advantages of a patient-driven over a protocol-driven program
  • How to do a holistic intake and make a holistic needs assessment
  • The difference between a tumor-oriented and a host-oriented approach
  • Criteria for evaluating alternative cancer therapies
  • Rationales for implementing CAM cancer treatments
  • How to design an individualized holistic game plan
  • Fascinating patient case stories
  • Resources for minimizing treatment side effects
  • How to help your patients prevent recurrence
  • The advantages of nutrition in a cancer treatment program
  • Foods to include and foods to avoid and why
  • How to guide patients in making dietary changes
  • The crucial importance of detoxification
  • Key detoxification methods
  • Natural ways to deal with pain
  • Types of nutritional supplements that are most valuable
  • The powerful connection between stress and cancer
  • How to help patients benefit from their disease experience
  • Appropriate ways to empower patients to make informed decisions
  • When to refer cases out and where


  • Downloadable training materials
  • Membership in our Affiliate program and ability to purchase our educational materials wholesale
  • Signed certificate
  • Permission to use our certification program logo on your marketing materials and website
  • Client referrals when appropriate
  • 13.5 self-reported CEUs


  • Expand your client base
  • Enhance the quality of your service
  • Receive training from an experienced, knowledgeable, dynamic educator
  • Learn practical information that can directly impact the health of your clients
  • Improve your revenue stream


Who should consider this program?

  •  Doctors, nurses, psychologists, nutritionists, social workers, support group leaders, cancer coaches, patient advocates and other health professionals who currently offer or wish to offer integrative, holistic, complementary or alternative resources, counseling, and therapies for people and families dealing with cancer-related concerns


  • Training in medicine, nursing, chiropractic, social work, psychology, nutrition or other health profession • Experience working with cancer patients preferred but not required
  • Technical requirements: Adobe Reader, Microsoft Office Word, printer



Cancer Counseling:

One-on-one individualized Cancer Counseling is at the heart of what we do! We would be happy to provide you telephone counseling about your cancer concern. Please call us at 888-551-2223 to schedule an appointment with one of our highly skilled counselors.

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