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Debra Melamed and Avinoam Lerner discuss emotional empowerment and his 6 week Cancer Wellness Mastery program

Debra Melamed and Avinoam Lerner discuss emotional empowerment and his 6 week Cancer Wellness Mastery program

March 14, 2018 | Author: BeatCancer.Org

Cancer is a whole body process. When treatment is done to the physical body it separates us from the nonphysical, and we are more than just flesh. We are real people with emotions and feelings and beliefs. So in order to have comprehensive results we must treat the whole person-mind and body. Avinoam Lerner does just that in his six week Cancer Wellness Mastery Program. His program helps us to harness our inner resources to override the fear and negativity that accompanies the uncertainty of cancer. It addresses the psychological patterns that affect the immune system and gives us the tools to actively participate in our own treatment, and to fully believe that we are worthy of healing and recovering.

This online program is more than information. It is support, it is accountability, and it is relationships built through highly effective proactive tools presented in the course workbook and through weekly conferences with Avinoam in a small group atmosphere. You will have the opportunity to relate to and share with others on the same journey that understand what it is like to have cancer.

There is also a follow up course called Cancer Wellness Acceleration if you choose to continue on the healing path with Avinoam.

Avinoam is unbelievably compassionate and highly sensitive to what will help shift our experience and give us greater control on our journey to heal. He understands our struggles and provides a safe environment where we can relax and begin to trust ourselves. Because ultimately we possess the ability to heal ourselves. We just need the support and tools to start walking on the path to recovery.

I highly recommend getting to know Avinoam through this course and through his website If you mention Beat Cancer he will send a free CD called the Giving Power Of The Mind. The course is very affordable and it’s his way of supporting the community and giving back. Don’t miss this wonderful healing opportunity! Avinoam is an amazing healer and cancer recovery specialist!


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