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Dr. Shayne’s Health Tips for Cancer Patients

Dr. Shayne’s Health Tips for Cancer Patients

March 18, 2013 | Author: Dr. Randi Shayne
Randi Shayne ND BeatCancer.Org - Center for Advancement in Cancer Education

I have been counseling patients at BeatCancer.Org since the year 2000. Some of our callers (patients) have a recent diagnosis and are collecting information for the first time. Most of our callers (patients) are actively undergoing conventional treatment (Chemo or Radiation). They are seeking information about diet and lifestyle to enhance their “quality of life”.

The majority are experiencing recurrences of cancer and have accepted conventional treatment once, twice or more. I (Dr. Shayne and BeatCancer) provide coaching that aids them in minimizing side effects which get worse with more (conventional) treatment.

When a patient chooses to optimize their diet / lifestyle choices they find they can lower the doses of medication used to control the side effects of Chemo and Radiation.

Once these dietary and lifestyle choices are adhered to, patients experience: more energy and think more clearly with less brain fog. Also depression, anxiety, and insomnia are lessened.

Our patients tell us they feel empowered to help themselves and not be totally dependent on medical personnel.

R.J. Shayne N.D.

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