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Dr. Susan Silberstein Interview on WDIY FM Radio “Take Charge of Your Life” Podcast

Dr. Susan Silberstein Interview on WDIY FM Radio “Take Charge of Your Life” Podcast

July 21, 2014 | Author: BeatCancer.Org
Susan Silberstein PhD

Family therapist Eleanor Bobrow speaks with Dr. Susan Silberstein, PhD Founder and Educational Director of

Listen in to this uplifting interview as they discuss:

  • Exciting cancer patient stories of hope and empowerment: >Ovarian cancer patient refuses hysterectomy and colostomy and fully recovers > Breast cancer patient rejects chemotherapy and
    thrives her own way
  • How to take charge of your life and take control of your cancer
  • Besides what doctors can do, what cancer patients can do for themselves
  • How and why got started
  • How helps cancer patients
  • Cancer treatment protocols versus individualized programs
  • The importance of psychological health in beating cancer
  • Emotional stresses that contribute to cancer
  • Characteristics of patients who beat the odds
  • How to really get rid of cancer
  • Regaining comfort, control and choice when you have cancer
  • What does “terminal cancer” really mean?
  • Online holistic cancer certification training

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Radio Show Testimonial:  Dear Susan, It was a pleasure having you as a guest on my program, Take Charge of Your Life.  You offered inspirational and wise words and many stories which the listening audience could identify with.  It is wonderful to know that you and your organization are there as a resource for anyone diagnosed with cancer who wants to explore the many options available besides the radiation, chemotherapy and surgery options. I am sorry the program was only thirty minutes.  We could have gone on for at least an hour. Thank you again and may you and your organization continue to be blessed with good health so that you may offer those in need a way to Take Charge of Their Life and know that cancer is “not a sentence – it is just a word.” Eleanor Bobrow Host Take Charge of Your Life MSW, ACSW