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How to Prevent Breast Cancer

How to Prevent Breast Cancer

May 23, 2013 | Author: Susan Silberstein PhD
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May is the month for mothers, and one of the highest profile mothers in the U.S. these days is Angelina Jolie. Not only famous as a beautiful and talented actress/director, she is also now well-known for her recent Op-Ed in the New York Times entitled “My Medical Choice,” in which she reveals that she underwent a preventive double mastectomy earlier this year. She explains that genetic testing showed that a mutation in her BRCA-1 gene gave her an 87% risk of developing breast cancer, now reduced to under 5%.Jolie agrees that procedures that could save lives should be accessible to all. Unfortunately, the $3000+ screening, as well as the subsequent bilateral mastectomy and reconstructive surgery she chose, are not accessible to most women, who lack the financial and insurance resources to pay for those procedures.

Actually, however, only five to 10 percent of breast cancers occur in women with a genetic predisposition due to mutations in either the BRCA1 or BRCA2 genes.The remaining 90-95% of breast cancers occur for other reasons, and with the lifetime risk of the disease approaching one in seven, it would seem that all women should be concerned about prevention.

So what options do women have? They could learn about a safe screening test that costs one-tenth of the price of genetic testing! They could learn how wise dietary choices could actually help keep breast cancer oncogenes from expressing themselves! They could learn how to protect their breast health through their own lifestyle choices! They could learn natural ways to reverse imbalances in the hormones that feed breast cancer!

And we at can teach women how! We are now offering a four-hour DVD of our 2012 conference on Breast Cancer: The Untold Story, featuring state-of-the-art, life-changing innovative approaches for breast cancer protection and control. Whether you wish to prevent breast cancer, prevent its recurrence, or need support during or after treatment, this empowering seminar is for you!

  • Learn about a pain-free, radiation-free test to detect potential breast cancer with 97% accuracy 8-10 years before mammography can find it!
  • Learn what foods reduce breast cancer recurrence by 40%!
  • Learn which food can balance estrogen levels in 7 days!
  • Learn coping styles that can increase survival by 500%!
  • Learn if you have a breast-cancer prone personality!
  • Learn how bio-identical hormones can protect your breast health!
  • Learn the top supplements for preventing recurrence!

Presentations include:

Breast Cancer: The Untold StoryBreast Cancer: The Diet Connection Susan Silberstein, PhD Center for Advancement in Cancer Education  Balancing Your Hormones Naturally Wendy Warner, MD Medicine in Balance  Breast Cancer: The Stress Connection Susan Silberstein, PhD Center for Advancement in Cancer Education  Herbs and Supplements for Breast Cancer Protection  Heather Wright, ND, FABNO Cancer Treatment Centers of America  Safe Early Screening and Monitoring with Thermal Imaging Philip Getson, DO Thermographic Diagnostic Imaging


Get all five presentations on one DVD Only 29.95! This information can be life-altering!


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