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Important message about Susan and the future of BeatCancer.Org

Important message about Susan and the future of BeatCancer.Org

December 3, 2019 | Author: Carl Wagner

Dear Friends,

I find myself thinking a lot about our past. Specifically, our founding. I find myself thinking about Susan and Harvey Silberstein, who were just a young couple just starting out in life. They fell in love, got married and had two babies. Susan was a young mother pursuing her PhD in linguistics and her passions of being an opera singer. This was a happy time in the life of a beautiful young family; full of love, dreams, and hopes for the future.

Then one day something happened that brought all of those hopes a dreams to a screeching halt. Something that would permanently change all of their lives from that point on. They discovered that Harvey was diagnosed with cancer. Not just any cancer, but an incurable and aggressive cancer. All of their dreams and hopes for the future were put on hold as they entered the world of cancer treatment. It was a fast acting cancer and the doctors offered little hope. In 1976, the only options they were given were Chemo, Surgery, and Radiation.

Susan SilbersteinOut of that pain came The Center for Advancement in Cancer Education, or We have spent the last 40+ years attempting to realize Susan’s dream and our organizational mission – to help people by providing research-based education on how to prevent, cope with, and beat cancer through diet, lifestyle and other immune-boosting approaches. We do it because we believe that 90% of all cancers can be eliminated through environmental & lifestyle choices alone, and as Susan discovered, science agrees.

Now I find myself thinking about our future and the legacy Susan will leave. You may have heard that Susan has recently retired and therefore is no longer active in the day-to-day operations of the organization. This has left a bit of a void, and as a result, we find ourselves relying on the hundreds of coaches she trained over the years to help carry the message forward that she so desperately wanted others to know. That group has grown into nearly 300 strong, and serve over 24,000 clients annually across the country and around the world.

Because Susan’s story, background and expertise is so important, we decided to make it the focal point of all of our work. Her training, which has impacted so many lives and which still features her direct teaching via video, lives-on in the Holistic Cancer Coach Certification Course.

Recently, we expanded this course into three levels in order to reach even more people in the future. So, whether you’re a cancer patient or caregiver, educator or speaker, or looking to become a Certified Holistic Cancer Coach, there is now a level just for you! Through lectures, film, case studies, supportive articles, role-playing, and follow-up quizzes, you will understand how to best help diagnosed patients improve their nutritional, immunological
and psychological status, manage cancer treatment side effects, enhance quality of life, prevent recurrence, and extend survival. This is what Susan has wanted all along, and we are now in a position to provide it.

I truly believe that these trainings, and the people that take the courses as well as those who financially support them, will become Susan’s legacy for future generations! And so we’d like to ask you to be among that group.

We know you believe in the power of our message. We know you understand the struggle and pain that cancer causes in people’s lives. We know you want Susan’s legacy to continue.

So we ask you to support those things with a generous one-time gift or monthly gift of only $12, $39 or $79. You can do so right now at:

Susan insisted that we not rely on insurance money that might dictate our ability to truly help people. So, we don’t take orders from faceless bureaucracies that are bankrupting family doctors and forcing them to play by their rules. We don’t partner with medical device companies that might incentivize us to tell people to willingly irradiate themselves. We don’t partner with pharmaceutical companies that might allow us to purchase
a potentially lifesaving medication and sell it at a profit. We don’t collect money from Government Agencies that might have agendas that do not align with our mission. We rely on friends like you so we don’t have to!

Finally, we also don’t collect money from any source for the allusive cure. Billions of dollars have been spent and continue to be spent on “finding” the cure. We believe Prevention is the Cure. This was Susan’s mantra for more than 40 years and, with your support, it will be ours for the next 40, and beyond.

Whatever gift you make, you can do it with the full confidence that 86 cents out of every dollar you give goes directly to support Susan’s legacy – our cancer education and prevention programs!

Thank you in advance for your support. Together, our mission and Susan’s legacy will live on for generations to come!


Carl Wagner, CEO

P.S. Please know that any gift you make will be genuinely appreciated and go to support the life-saving educational programs Susan worked so hard to develop and promote.