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INTRO TO A COACH: Bruce P Abbott

INTRO TO A COACH: Bruce P Abbott

May 21, 2020 | Author: Bruce P Abbott
Bruce Abbott Beat Cancer Holistic Cancer Coach

On December 18th, 2018 my wife was diagnosed with Grade 3 invasive ductal breast cancer, HER2 receptor 3+ extending to 46mm. Approximately 19mm of this mass was precancerous. She also has chronic kidney disease which added to the complication.

I immediately put her on a controlled balanced diet, complete with unwavering support; actively promoting well-being and the belief of a positive outcome; I initiated a daily routine of which we followed without fail.

Within 4.5 months and with chemotherapy reduced to 47% both tumors had reduced to the size of two calcification masses equal to a grain of sand. Traditional cancer treatments received by Santosh did not and does not have any impact on precancerous tumours; reduction therefore can only be attributed to lifestyle change determined by diet, well-being and support.

Recovery / resistance, supported by a bespoke daily routine of what I call “daily essentials”, during her treatment, Santosh most of the time looked well; often commented upon (Despite the side effects and a week’s stay in hospital). Considering she has chronic kidney disease, still, she had plenty of energy which allowed her to continue to work, taking only a total of 40 sick days over 15 months.

On a Personal Note, my priority is to help those with cancer and cancer prevention through diet, mindset and well-being. The experience with Santosh, my wife, encouraged me to want to help others. I believe in helping as many Cancer Coaches as possible and professionals to reach as many of those possible touched by cancer, to be able promote their services via video, blog, articles and events. If you are a cancer coach, professional or wish to receive information as soon as a cancer coach becomes available in your area, city country or location then please visits

Please do not hesitate to contact me.

Bruce P Abbott


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