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INTRO TO A COACH: Donna A. LeCointe

INTRO TO A COACH: Donna A. LeCointe

April 11, 2019 | Author: BeatCancer.Org
Donna A. LeCointe - Beat Cancer Holistic Cancer Coach

Donna A. LeCointe,a native from Dominica the “Nature Island of the Caribbean” is a creative entrepreneur specializing in business growth and development. Her areas of specialty include public relations, marketing, event planning and travel. 

A graduate of Lincoln University, PA with a Bachelors of Science Degree in Accounting, Donna used her corporate experience to develop and hone the necessary skills needed to operate successful business enterprises. Currently Donna is an Accounting Consultant in the Mid Atlantic area and has recently added Natural Health Consulting to her extensive resume.

Donna became a health (advocate)/consultant largely because she has always been passionate about helping others and wanted to make a difference by educating others on the wide array of holistic/alternative treatments available.

Donna lost her favorite uncle Thomas to the conventional cancer treatment of chemo trial protocols used to treat prostate cancer.A few years later, two days before Christmas, Donna received a breast cancer diagnosis. This gave her the additional motivation to fine tune her quest to cure cancer using unorthodox healing protocols. This journey led her to become a successful breast cancer survivor who beat cancer using non-conventional treatment.

“Accepting a cancer diagnosis can be a very tough pill to swallow. For that reason it is my goal to help those who receive a cancer diagnosis by providing the necessary emotional and mental support needed to beat this awful disease that claims the lives of so many of our loved ones” says Donna.

Name: Donna A. LeCointe
Additional Credentials: Successful Cancer Survivor
Location: Mid-Atlantic Region, USA
Phone #: 301.379.6329
Specialties: Certified Holistic Cancer Health Coach

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