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INTRO TO A COACH: Sheila Day-Shaver

INTRO TO A COACH: Sheila Day-Shaver

February 22, 2019 | Author: BeatCancer.Org

Learn About Sheila Day-Shavers Journey From Paramedic to Naturopathic Doctor, and How She Healed Herself and Now Others

We Were Not Created To Live in Illness

2:35 People should not except illness as normal.

3:46 We are life living beings with living cells that need living nutrition to keep them healthy.

4:37 Anytime you get sick it’s your body is saying, “we have compensated long enough and we can’t do it anymore. We are at a reserves, we have nothing left to steal from, we are completely depleted and we are in a crisis. So wake up and do something.”

5:27 Cancer is a wake up call like any other disease process.

5:34 Cancer is being treated with methods that are actually causing more harm than good.

How Beat Cancer’s Holistic Cancer Coaching Course Helped Her to Heal Herself and Others

5:50 I found Susan. Her class was phenomenal. I love the story she shared and I knew she was invested in health wholeheartedly and I really connected with her.

6:36 I found my own lump. But I tried not to get scared because I know what the body needs to get rid of whatever the problem is. And within 3 months it was gone.

Are you feeding life or feeding death?

14:45 Everything is frequency. Bodies are frequency. Disease thrives in a low frequency environment. Low frequency is dead food, bad emotions, negativity, stress, and chemicals.

15:02 High frequency things are positive attitudes, joy, laughter, essential oil‘s, nutritious organic foods, colors, and sounds. All of these things determine the environment in the body.

16:00 Anything that is not feeding life into you is feeding death.

16:10 Every time you go to say something, eat something, think something, do something…. ask yourself, “ is this feeding me life or feeding me death? “

Sheila Day-Shaver consults with people all over the world but her home state is Missouri.Her email is
Phone: 417-309-0029
Facebook: Natural Wellness With Sheila, PMS

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