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Please welcome our newest partner… The Carla Rose Foundation

Please welcome our newest partner… The Carla Rose Foundation

December 9, 2014 | Author: BeatCancer.Org
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The Carla Rose Foundation, Inc., a nonprofit organization in Spartanburg, South Carolina, raises funds and provides payment assistance to holistic cancer treatment clinics for cancer patients.The founder has a personal stake in the cause—the foundation is in honor of his wife, Andrea Carla Frazier-Brown and mother, Ruby Rose Brown, who passed on from liver cancer in 2011 and ovarian cancer in 1995 respectively. The blue and silver ribbon used for the ‘L’ in Carla represents living or coping with cancer. The rose picture symbolizes love, health, and beauty.


Andrea suffered from Adenocarcinoma and had brain, breast, liver, and lung cancer with tumors protruding out of the skin’s surface. An appointment was made for her to be seen by a Holistic doctor who after being told of her condition, still agreed to see and treat her at a very low cost. Even though Andrea was at stage four, the doctor was confident that he would be able to help her however, she passed away at home 3 days prior to her appointment.

Not a lot of information was known about Ruby’s symptoms except for a lot of painful coughing. She passed on in St. Barnabas hospital in the Bronx, NY. She refused chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery. She chose not to deal with the effects from the treatments.

After researching, we have found out a wealth of information regarding healing the body and cancer treatment/cure options. Many treatments are known here and some products can be bought locally and on the internet. The effects of chemotherapy and radiation are not pretty. Although it may help some, others aren’t so lucky and have to deal with loss of hair and appetite. Through natural means and a nutrition-filled diet, there are treatments and procedures in a Holisticcare/Alternative care environment that will cure you and heal your body without all the discomfort. Not all options are offered in the US.

Taking the Lead


One of the first, if not the only, organizations providing cancer treatment payment assistance, our mission is to provide relief for families struggling to deal with medical costs. Directly paying treatment clinics, we bypass the middleman and red tape, as it is the most effective way to ensure patients get what they need when they need it. Note: We are a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization.

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