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Proud of Our 2015 Accomplishments

Proud of Our 2015 Accomplishments

December 7, 2015 | Author: Susan Silberstein PhD
Susan Silberstein PhD

As another year comes to an end, my colleagues and I at are proud to let you know about our exciting accomplishments during the past 12 months. When I established this non-profit back in 1977, I never envisioned that it would touch over 100,000 lives all over the US and beyond. Yet with our modest budget and small staff, just look at what we have done!


  • Celebrated our 38th year of service
  • Qualified as a 2015 Top Rated Nonprofit through
  • Created a new website design and doubled our annual page views to over 680,000
  • Re-qualified for a $120,000 advertising grant from the Google Foundation


  • Provided 776 hours of individualized counseling to 205 cancer patients nationwide and beyond
  • Coached patients from 33 of the United States and two Canadian provinces
  • Presented 65 cancer and nutrition lectures in 42 US cities across 15 states
  • Partnered with to provide empowering breast cancer prevention information
  • Certified 20 additional health professionals through our Holistic Cancer Educator Certification Program
  • Taught 21 healthy eating and cancer prevention classes to 635 high school and college students through our Youth Nutrition and Prevention Program
  • Increased our blog posts to more than 250 articles and podcasts


  • Launched our first Giving Tuesday campaign
  • Produced our 6th annual golf open and our first celebrity event in partnership with the Maxwell Club
  • Participated in our 1th annual Mind Body Spirit Expo

Your donations make it all possible, so if you are a past donor, please renew your gift, and if you have never donated before, please consider for your charitable giving. With your help, here are some of our ambitious plans for the coming year:


  • Double our patient counseling hours through telephone support nationwide
  • Present monthly tele-seminars and webinars on nutritional and immune support
  • Provide more efficient and more frequent patient follow-up services


  • Train additional educators and counselors to assist patients in need
  • Expand our college campus outreach initiative and student internship opportunities
  • Deliver Spanish programs to Latinos in Florida, California, Texas, Arizona, Colorado, & New York
  • Collaborate with hospital community outreach programs to offer cancer prevention training


  • Enhance our health professionals database
  • Offer all of our publications in electronic versions
  • Improve our online technology capabilities to provide downloadable and archived information

Of course, these projects will require additional funding and staffing. Please help us grow by making a tax-deductible donation, either online or by mail to PO Box 130, Richboro, PA 18954. Remember, when we help cancer patients, we charge no fee for service, receive no government funding, and get no insurance reimbursement. We rely on your generosity! So thank you for sending your tax-deductible donation today!

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