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The Truth about Agave Nectar

The Truth about Agave Nectar

July 14, 2013 | Author: Susan Silberstein PhD

I want to share some truth about agave nectar, called by researcher Rami Nagel “The High Fructose Health Food Fraud.” Historically, I have never been a proponent of sugar consumption (especially when unopposed by high fiber), because that supports the metabolism of cancerous cells. Now, however, I am particularly interested in this topic because agave nectar has been an ingredient in the Hungry for Health bars distributed by

The Truth about Agave Nectar

In the last few years, I had been hearing some dismissive comments and reading half-truths here and there about agave, but nothing definitive that made any clear sense to me.  My current reading has given me a better understanding of the downside of modern agave products, which seriously lack quality control and reflect general lack of standards in the health food world. While agave sweetener does not appear to spike blood sugar levels, it does seem to be over-processed to the point of behaving like highly refined fructose — although the marketing companies would have us believe we are still buying a traditional, healthful, naturally-derived product of the centuries-old Mexican blue agave succulent plant.

High levels of refined fructose may cause mineral depletion, inflammatory responses, insulin resistance, obesity,  and pregnancy complications. Accordingly, I have been working on a revised recipe for our bars and have finally given my okay on the latest test batch in which honey replaces agave.  The new bars still taste delicious, and the nutritional value is still there – immune-boosting fats, high fiber, quality plant-based protein, and valuable antioxidants.

Hungry for Health bars are also wheat-free and dairy-free. They make excellent back-to-school lunch-box stuffers, offer quick pick-me-uppers after intense workouts, provide long-lasting energy for people on the go who skip meals, and are a densely nutritious way to satisfy your sweet tooth! Moreover, they help support the cancer education services of!

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