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What’s the Best Home Water Treatment System?

What’s the Best Home Water Treatment System?

February 17, 2016 | Author: Susan Silberstein PhD
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What you drink is as important as what you eat and can even have a quicker impact on how you feel than dietary changes alone. Remember that 60-70% of our body is water, so improving the quality of that water can be a major step in the right direction.  A couple of years ago, in my article on the best drinking water, I noted eight different factors to consider when buying bottled water.  In response, I received hundreds of comments and questions, including which brand of home water treatment system I recommend.

There are many water systems to choose from (each of which claims to be the best), and the more you research, the more complicated the decision seems to become. So I am going to “distill” my response down to a simple level and discuss the three main factors to consider:

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  • How pure is the water? Today’s water filtration market offers a huge range of capabilities. Some are simple carbon filters that remove the offensive taste and odor of chlorine as well as a few metals.  Others are advanced reverse osmosis systems which eliminate high levels of all contaminants, including fluoride, pesticides, pharmaceutical residue and other carcinogenic chemicals. The more you can remove and the cleaner the water, the safer it is for you.
  • What is the pH level? Keeping the body in optimal acid/alkaline balance is vitally important for our health. Through a process called homeostasis, the body works hard to keep the blood stream at a constant pH level of 7.4, but sometimes it expends vital energy and resources needed for healing in order to do so. Drinking water with high pH and mineral levels not only helps build the alkalinity that antagonizes cancer, but also — because our cells process alkaline water more quickly — helps removes the acidic waste faster.
  • Oxidant or Antioxidant? Determining this quality is done by measuring the Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP) level of the beverage. If the ORP level is positive, then the beverage is an oxidant and causes cellular damage. If the ORP level is negative, the beverage is an antioxidant and provides cellular protection, just as antioxidant foods protect our cellular DNA from free radicals. To get the antioxidant benefits, you must process the water through an ionizer. If you are not drinking fresh, ionized alkaline water, then you are drinking oxidants.

All three of these factors are important when considering a drinking water system. The fourth factor is affordability. Some home treatment systems can cost thousands of dollars – prohibitive for most of our clients. Recently, I came across a line of products that score high on all of these criteria, including very reasonable pricing.

Vitev Discounted Systems

Vitev’s line of alkaline, ionizing reverse osmosis systems offer high level filtration with a natural blend of minerals to provide the needed alkaline and antioxidant benefits. By way of comparison, the pH of some sports drinks may be as low as 3.0, popular bottled water may have a pH of 6.0, most tap water may be neutral at 7.0, but Vitev-treated water has a pH of about 9.0.

As relates to ORP (remember, in this case negative is better), sports drinks often score at +400, popular bottled water at +300, most tap water at +200, but Vitev-treated water has a negative ORP of -300 to -600.

The Vitev products I recommend are either an under the counter option (MAXX) with a 3-gallon storage tank or a countertop version (RIPPLE) that makes the water as you need it. The products retail for under $800 and under $500 respectively, but clients will receive a discount of 20%, plus free shipping. To learn more or to order a system, visit and enter the discount code beatcancer at checkout, or call toll-free 1-855-456-9220 and mention our organization to receive your discount. Happy, healthy drinking!


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