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[This is a BreastWishesFund legacy page]

Breast Wishes Fund (BWF) offers choices for breast cancer treatment and prevention education. With approximately 230,000 yearly cancer diagnoses nationally, Breast Wishes has served several thousand people with cancer and those concerned with prevention. The National Cancer Institute’s annual budget was $1.8 billion with only 5 percent going towards prevention. It is predicted in six years, India’s cancer rates will go up 21% and Breast Wishes is creating alliances to be part of international solutions there and also in the UK. Breast Wishes Advisory Board has progressive, international health care professionals offering the latest immune enhancing, tumor reducing options for treatment and prevention by referral, monthly newsletters and short films produced by Breast Wishes Films. An example of their films is “What is a Cancer Vaccine”, click the play button in the right hand corner of this website to go to the YouTube channel.

Breast Wishes has sponsored and participated in several free educational events and provided in person, phone and email support, free of charge. The website offers a user-friendly clearinghouse for choices for cancer treatment and prevention, something the Founder wished for in her often fruitless research. Breast Wishes Fund is trailblazing a movement, participating in a new paradigm for breast cancer awareness utilizing the brand line “Give US Choices”. BWF leaves the pink ribbon behind and offers “the arrow” where people can AIM @ immune-enhancing cancer treatment and prevention.

NOTE: To see current programs, go to BeatCancer.Org Main Menu, look in Education and About.