Anita Gibson


In 2012, Anita’s daughter Rebecca received a stage 4 diagnosis of Non Hodgins’s Lymphoma Cancer.  Rebecca was only 22 at the time. This was closely followed by Anita’s own breast cancer diagnosis in 2015.  This marked the beginning of Anita’s journey onto the road of enlightenment to uncover the cancer research leading to the writing of her book ‘Incredible Truths and Truthful Lies about Cancer’.

Anita has dedicated herself completely to finding all of the information available relating to complementary, natural and holistic treatments and cancer cures, which in her words, have saved their lives.

Anita believes the cause for cancer is hidden in the patient’s subconscious mind and to be successful in overcoming cancer, one must become conscious of the subconscious first – and while diet and nutrition,  lifestyle habits and behaviours  are  of tremendous importance for healing, we must be aware of not only  what we are eating, but what’s eating us!

For this reason

Anita completed her Rapid Transformational Therapy training with the world renowned school of RTT and Hypnotherapy - Marisa Peer and became an RTT practitioner in August of 2019,

using hypnosis, cognitive behaviour therapy and neurolinguistic programming. Anita does group and individual online sessions using Zoom application.

Anita is an active member of Yes to Life – an integrative cancer charity based in UK, to whom she donates proceeds of her book in support of the charity’s work.

Both her daughter now 32 and herself are in remission.

The book Incredible Truths and Truthful Lies reveals why medicine has failed to find a single cure for cancer, and how cancer is an environmental, metabolic disease, as oppose to genetic, as we have been led to believe for the last 50 years. It is a compilation of latest research and insights that centres on the health of the whole individual, using holistic, alternative treatments and methods of healing, and not just on killing the cancer cells alone.

If you want to explore alternative options, or find ways to supplement your conventional care, or where to go to get help, this book provides cutting

edge research from around the world and describes treatments tested first-hand by Anita and many other cancer survivors. It's an invaluable and informative companion to help you make the best choices for your own healing journey.

Incredible Truths and Truthful Lies about Cancer will reveal all the burning questions you or your loved one face  when first diagnosed with breast cancer, but also serves as an invaluable guide in cancer prevention, which is where the cure for cancer lies.