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Over the last few years, there have been all sorts of advancements that have allowed medical professionals, patients, and family members to better understand cancer. There are new diagnostic tests and treatment options that have all increased prognoses. However, one thing that’s stayed the same is the link between what we eat and our risk of a cancer diagnosis. At Beat Cancer, we offer a wide range of products that provide information about how to prevent cancer, top cancer-fighting foods, and the best diet for cancer patients.

Books, eBooks, and DVDs

When most people hear the word cancer, they typically think of radiation and chemotherapy, but the one thing that many people rarely link to cancer is diet. There have been numerous studies that have found a possible link between cancer-causing foods and an increased risk of the disease. Studies have also found that certain foods—namely fruits, vegetables, and certain herbs—may be anti-cancer foods.

No matter if you’re looking to learn more about the link between sugar and cancer or you’re researching a diet for cancer patients to boost your health and immune system, our store has just what you need. We offer a variety of hard copy books and eBooks that provide a wealth of knowledge about foods that fight cancer, along with foods that cause it.

Aside from books and eBooks, we also offer CDs and DVDs for customers who prefer to listen than read. Topics include the connection between breast cancer and diet and stress and cancer, as well as how you can fight cancer with your fork.

Cancer Diet Kits

If you’re looking for a bundle of information about cancer-fighting foods, check out our cancer diet kits. Each kit offers different books, magazines, and studies that provide information about cancer-causing foods and the benefits of dietary changes when fighting and beating cancer.

Our cancer toolkits provide information about important dietary changes, the benefits of juicing, and even recipes that you can incorporate into your everyday life.

Trusted Vendors

To further increase your knowledge about foods that cause cancer, anti-cancer foods, and immune boosters, we encourage customers to browse the products and services offered by our trusted vendors. In the event that you make a purchase from one of these vendors, you will receive a special discount!

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    4-hour DVD of our 2012 conference on Breast Cancer: The Untold Story , featuring state-of-the-art, life-changing innovative approaches for breast cancer protection and control.  Whether you wish to prevent breast cancer, prevent its recurrence, or need support during or after treatment, this empowering seminar is for you!

    • Learn about a pain-free, radiation-free test to detect potential breast cancer with 97% accuracy 8-10 years before mammography can find it!
    • Learn what foods reduce breast cancer recurrence by 40%!
    • Learn which food can balance estrogen levels in 7 days!
    • Learn coping styles that can increase survival by 500%!
    • Learn if you have a breast-cancer prone personality!
    • Learn how bio-identical hormones can protect your breast health!
    • Learn the top supplements for preventing recurrence! 

    Presentations include:

    Breast Cancer: The Diet Connection

    Susan Silberstein, PhD

    Balancing Your Hormones Naturally

    Wendy Warner, MD
    Medicine in Balance

    Breast Cancer: The Stress Connection

    Susan Silberstein, PhD

    Herbs and Supplements for Breast Cancer Protection

    Heather Wright, ND, FABNO
    Cancer Treatment Centers of America 

    Safe Early Screening and Monitoring with Thermal Imaging

    Philip Getson, DO
    Thermal Diagnostic Imaging

    Search Term: Leisha and Philip Getson, DO