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BC-052 Intro To A Coach Linda Jensen: How She Beat Stage 3 Breast Cancer and her Personal Journey to Becoming a Cancer Coach, Healing Arts Practitioner, and Author

BC-052 Intro To A Coach Linda Jensen: How She Beat Stage 3 Breast Cancer and her Personal Journey to Becoming a Cancer Coach, Healing Arts Practitioner, and Author

April 10, 2019 | Author: Debra Melamed

After losing her husband to a very rare form of cancer and being diagnosed herself with stage III breast cancer and having 16 out of 18 lymph nodes removed, Linda knew it was time to learn more about integrative health, nourishing the body, spirit and mind, to heal and treat herself – simply to survive.

Linda specializes in the alkaline/acidic effects on the body, truly defining healthy eating that is crucial for those who have been diagnosed with cancer. Her practice incorporates integrative lifestyle counseling and the Healing Arts Techniques of Jin Shin Jyutsu, Healing Touch, and Raindrop Therapy. Her philosophy is that optimal health is achieved by bringing balance and harmony to mind, body and spirit, starting at the cellular level.

Listen to this podcast to learn her philosophies and what has kept her cancer free for 15 years.

3:14 They thought I would have a reoccurrence within five years and possibly a lifespan of nine. It’s now 15 years and I’ve watched my three children grow up. There was a lot of stress so I think that had a lot to do with it because there was nothing in my family tree.

3:36 I was so grateful and lucky to have found Dr. Susan Silberstein. She was my lifeline. Through her books, her website and her teachings I found that I wanted to take her class (Holistic Cancer Coaching Course) and realized with this toolbox of information that I had I wanted to share it with others.

4:22 I just wanted to help people so I went to nonprofit organizations. A lot of people can’t afford to pay $250 an hour for a nutritionist. I did a lot of nonprofit work and since 2010 have counseled over 800 people.

4:55 I will always be grateful to her (Dr Susan Silberstein) and her teachings and what she’s brought to the cancer community itself.

5:36 She (Dr Susan) lead me onto the path of not only wanting to help others, but realizing that you can have your nutrition and do the right things and feed your body and food as medicine, but then life hits you and stress and just so much that goes on that are cells as energy react to that puts us in a bad spot. That’s why I started to learn about Jin Shin Jyutsu, healing energy medicines, herbs, crystals, sound healing.

8:58 I’m a mobile office essentially because then I can offer my services at very low cost.

9:44 I took the path less traveled and found that it’s been a very good path.

10:05 I wrote Survolve. I never like the word survivor because I believe we survived, yet we evolve and that’s where that came from.

12:13 with Dr. Susan‘s meal plan, you can fill that out and look at foods that you’re eating and replace them and eliminate others.

15:03 You really need a coach and some tools and someone to follow you. You need that kind of support because that’s a big lifestyle change and it’s overwhelming to just get the diagnosis. Coaches can bridge the gap between the medical community and alternative options and what’s available is tremendous.

16:55 Energy therapies are so important. Meditation and anything that can take your mind off that problem. Something as simple as writing something down and burning it. A ritual to make you feel better and say, OK that’s gone. On to the next thing.

17:35 I have found that being grateful, and also a little mantra I found when I was diagnosed, that someone has it worse. So let me be thankful for what I do have.

18:57 Her website explains her services and has recipes, education and resources.

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Author of “Survolve, Small Changes, Big Results” A guide written as a community fundraiser (