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BC-065 Intro To A Coach: Bonnie Schnautz ND LDHS, Talks About 3 Root Causes of Dis-ease: Emotional, Physical, and Nutritional/Chemical Stress

BC-065 Intro To A Coach: Bonnie Schnautz ND LDHS, Talks About 3 Root Causes of Dis-ease: Emotional, Physical, and Nutritional/Chemical Stress

December 1, 2019 | Author: Debra Melamed

Bonnie Schnautz is a Naturopathic Doctor, Loomis Digestive Health Specialist, and founder of B Renewed Wellness Solutions.Through Bonnie’s own health issues, she realized the power of food. She rid herself of the many symptoms that were causing her allergies, asthma, bouts of the flu and sinus infections, anxiety and depression, hormone issues, IBS, etc through whole organic foods. She also came to realize that emotional stress can override every good choice we make, and today uses meditation as her #1 tool. View this podcast to learn more about what emotional, physical, and nutritional/chemical stressors are and what we can do to achieve harmony in our bodies.

2:10 It was a fluke that I changed to an all organic diet and all my health issues went away.

5:00 Food can be our most healing modality or our worst poison. We know plant-based foods have fiber and antioxidants and that is what heals.

7:10 Through nutritional testing we can find the root cause, which falls under 3 areas of stress. Emotional, physical, or nutritional/chemical.

8:05 A big part of our testing is with neurotransmitters to see what is going on in the brain.

9:28 It was when I saw my transformation that I went back to school to be a naturopathic doctor. I needed more education to be equipped to work with people with cancer. I met Dr. Susan Silberstein and I was so impressed with her story, her credentials, and her teachings, and I knew I wanted that as part of my resources to help others. The program (certified holistic cancer coaching course) was a Godsend and Susan is such a gift. There are no guarantees, but the things that we teach cannot harm and are only going to help, whether you are doing full blown alternative treatment or we are supporting your treatment with your doctor.

11:42 What I was missing was the emotional component. And that’s what Susan brought to light. I ended up with adrenal fatigue and then I understood. Adrenal fatigue can develop into cancer. I was doing all the right things, but I wasn’t protecting my energy and my mind. I wasn’t protecting myself emotionally and I got sick.

13:28 The emotional component can override all of our choices.

15:04 Find someone you resonate with as far as meditation. Doctor Joe Dispenza has phenomenal research on healing through meditation. That’s the #1 way of balancing stress.

16:30 Through gratitude we can create self-love for healing.

18:05 Type A personality types are more susceptible to cancer and we need things to level us out.

21:10 Beat Cancer is such an incredible organization. I can’t recommend the free resources enough. I am forever grateful to Dr Susan Silberstein for her work and her research and the tools we have today because of her that we can use to help others to beat cancer and also prevent it for future generations.

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