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Cancer — The Need for a Paradigm Shift

Cancer — The Need for a Paradigm Shift

July 16, 2014 | Author: Mauris Emeka

Malignant tumors are commonly referred to as ‘the cancer’. But in truth, these tumors are symptoms of cancer; and in reality cancer is the process that gives rise to malignant tumor symptoms. Therefore, we are better served when we give less attention to tumor symptoms and more attention to the condition in the body that causes these symptoms to appear. And to accomplish this, the emphasis needs to be on dietary and lifestyle changes that are capable of preventing the process of cancer from proceeding.
Fear Cancer no More

Think of it this way: smoke from a fire is not ‘the fire’. The smoke is a symptom (or indication) that there is a fire. Surgery, chemotherapy and/or radiation do not rid the body of cancer any more than eliminating smoke puts out a fire. It is not enough to merely remove tumor symptoms as if they were the primary problems.  When there is cancer the patient needs to be involved with putting out the ‘fire’ , that is , changing the condition in his or her body so that the process that gives rise to the ’smoke’ (or tumor symptom) cannot thrive. In short, there needs to be a fundamental shift in how we think about and respond to cancer.

Cancer is a malfunctioning process that causes malignant tumor symptoms. It is NOT the tumor itself. The process is the cause and the tumor is the effect.  When we are challenged with cancer, there are things we each can do to change the environment within our body so that the process of cancer and the resulting tumor symptoms do not get a free ride.

To change the body’s chemistry and make it unwelcoming for cancer to thrive requires determination and commitment to a few ‘back to the basics’ self-help measures. To accomplish this critically important task, remember these five vowels – A, E, I, O, & U:

A – Change the environment in our body to make it a lot less acidic and more alkaline.  Cancer thrives in an acid environment. Our diet needs to include alkaline foods and adequate amounts of drinking water that’s alkaline in its chemistry.

EEat less cooked foods and a lot more live plant-based foods, especially a variety of deeply colored fruits and vegetables. This will help create a more healthy pH balance.  Eating live plant-based foods will also introduce an abundance of digestive enzymes into your body. Consume a much higher percentage of unrefined, uncooked, unprocessed, whole, and plant-based foods.  See to it that 75 percent or more of your food intake is raw fruits, vegetables, and nuts for a period of at least three to five months.

I – Strengthen your immune system – it’s crucial. Get proper rest, do regular exercise, go within for prayer and meditation each day. In addition, include a few ‘super foods’ each day, like garlic, turmeric spice, sprouts, fresh deep green leafy vegetable juice from collard greens and/or mustard greens. A strong immune system is without question our primary defense against cancer. Anything that weakens the immune system should be avoided — such as stress, high sugar, and consuming polyunsaturated oils that are quick to go rancid.

O –Do things that cause more oxygen to be introduced into your body at the cellular level, because cancer cannot thrive where there is an abundance of oxygen. (Dr. Otto Warburg, a German scientist, won the Nobel Prize in 1931 for discovering that cancer cells are anaerobic, meaning that they generate energy without the need for oxygen. On the other hand, healthy cells thrive on oxygen). Deep breathing as well as consuming chlorophyll-rich deep green leafy vegetables both greatly facilitate oxygen circulation in the body.

U – Last but not least, more than anyone else, you alone have the opportunity to bring about positive and lasting change to your health. It’s up to you to change your internal environment to one unfriendly to cancer. No doctor can do that for you. Do not think of yourself as “fighting cancer” or “battling cancer”.  Instead, know that you are a child of God and focus on enhancing your body’s healing power with measures that are natural, safe, and non-toxic. 

It is time we stop thinking of cancer as some sort of localized disease, thinking that if doctors detect and destroy the tumor symptom early enough then the problem is solved. Clearly, it is not enough to merely manage tumor symptoms. Cancer (in all its forms) is a chronic metabolic disease that cries out for a holistic response, to include diet and lifestyle changes.

Treating symptoms may be fine for injuries like those caused by auto accidents or other conditions that do not arise from malfunctioning metabolism within the body. But where cancer is involved, it is imperative that attention be given to changing our body’s chemistry so that its own healing power is given the best chance to go to work. In other words, the cancer patient needs to be more concerned about addressing the cause as opposed to the effect; and what this suggests is nothing short of a paradigm shift in the way we think about and respond to cancer.

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Mauris Emeka is a cancer educator and lecturer from Port Orchard, Washington. He is the author of two books about cancer,Cancer’s Best Medicine and Fear Cancer No More. In 2001, Emeka lost his wife of 36 years to pancreatic cancer and began a passionate search to understand the nature of cancer. What he discovered is truly empowering. Fear Cancer No More (second edition), draws from the author’s personal experience with cancer and years of research and study. Topics of discussion include alternative cancer treatment, holistic cancer treatment, natural cancer treatment, ionized water and cancer, and acidic and alkaline foods and cance r. This book provides a clear explanation of what causes cancer at the cellular level, as discovered by distinguished early twentieth-century scientists. Fear Cancer No More is a carefully researched work that invites the reader to act — and act now — to change the body environment to make it unwelcoming for cancer. Cancer’s Best Medicine: A Self-Help and Wellness Guide is a simple self-help book that explains what individuals can do to stop the process of cancer and prevent malignant tumor symptoms from forming. It explains why you never want to treat only the tumor, why you always want to treat the cause, what those causes are, and how to address them with proper diet and lifestyle . Topics covered include the benefits of deep green leafy vegetable juicing, Essiac tea, apricot kernels (the source of laetrile), the Budwig diet, and stress reducing measures.