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Kitchen Chemotherapy – Beat Cancer at the Roots

Kitchen Chemotherapy – Beat Cancer at the Roots

June 18, 2013 | Author: BeatCancer.Org

Susan Silberstein is author of Kitchen Chemotherapy and a number of other books & publications, and she is the founder & educational director of the Center for Advancement in Cancer Education ( With a young husband who died of cancer, Susan has dedicated 3+ decades to gathering information and educating about the causes of cancer, and the power individuals have to provide for their own health, including notably diet and other behavioral factors.

Interview with Mark Helpsmeet of Northern Spirit Radio

Kitchen Chemotherapy Book

Kitchen Chemotherapy, by Susan Silberstein, PhD What the Research Tells Us About Dietary Change for Cancer Prevention and Control Estimates of cancer deaths avoidable through dietary change run as high as 75%. This empowering and fascinating 88-page book demonstrates the powerful role of diet for prevention of cancer, prevention of recurrence, and support during or after treatment.

Based on thousands of articles published in the scientific literature documenting the relationship between diet and cancer survival, this book summarizes more than 15 advantages of implementing dietary change in any cancer treatment program, demonstrates the improvement in outcome among cancer patients who are supported nutritionally, outlines specific foods that either promote or suppress tumor growth, and explains the connection between cancer and biological terrain.

A must-read for anyone who has received confusing dietary advice or who thinks diet can play no role once cancer has been diagnosed.

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