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BC-002: Top 10 Reasons Not to Microwave: Podcast

BC-002: Top 10 Reasons Not to Microwave: Podcast

May 1, 2014 | Author: Susan Silberstein PhD
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In an interview with Susan Silberstein, PhD, Eddie Miller, host of the “Ask the Expert Teleseminar Series” interviewed Susan Silberstein on the dangers of microwaving.  Microwaving changes the chemical bonding and molecular structure of every food and beverage it touches.  At best, it creates compounds the body does not recognize as food, and at worst, it creates immuno-suppressive, mutagenic and carcinogenic compounds.


Listen to this interview and learn about:

  • Top 10 reasons not to microwave
  • Research on microwave dangers
  • Health effects of microwaving
  • Cancer causing effects of microwaving
  • Practical strategies for avoiding microwave use
  • Simple suggestions for quick healthy eating

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